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Welcome to Elite Driving School. We can help you pass your driving test quickly:

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At Elite we believe driving is a hugely empowering life-skill. The ability to drive lets people see parts of the world they otherwise wouldn't, do jobs they otherwise couldn't and see friends and family more often.


Learning to drive should  be an enjoyable and fun experience, but learning to drive safely is equally as important. 


We believe that through hard work and dedication from our instructors, and by providing better tools, resources and training to our customers, we can give them a safer start to their driving career. 


Every day over 2,700 people take a driving test in the UK


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Getting a driving licence is your passport to freedom...It opens the doors to a world of possibilities: What will you do?





We have been in the driver training industry for over 25 years and we’ve built a solid reputation for excellent customer services and delivering tangible results.

Working with an Elite driving instructor your driving lessons will be completely structured with a firm objective of what you will achieve during the session. At the start of each lesson your driving instructor will select the new subject and make sure you have a sound theory knowledge for that topic, your instructor will then set a plan to achieve maximum learning during the driving lesson.

Elite driving instructors are highly skilled at setting their coaching skills at a level that will guarantee you learn quickly. During your lesson they will give full assistance when required, or simply use prompts to help guide you to a successful outcome. Their aim is to transfer the skills necessary for you to achieve totally independent driving.

This method of teaching combined with the excellent training resources you receive will quickly build your confidence, and help you prepare for a successful driving test day.

Don’t take our word for it, we have hundreds of customer reviews on our website who have taken their driving test with us in Hull, Hedon, Brough, Cottingham, Beverley, Bridlington, Weldrake, Selby and York      


For your safety and reassurance, all our driving instructors are CRB checked and FULLY qualified.

You can choose between male and female instructors.

We have built a solid reputation for excellent customer service, reliability and delivering results.

We have helped over 10,000 local customers with their driving lessons over 24 years.

We constantly innovate the systems we use to deliver excellence in service to our customers, and adapt our teaching and coaching style to meet the requirements of a changing driving enviroment. 



Top 10 Reasons People Fail The Driving Test


As compossed by the DVSA:


1. Observations at junctions

Poor observations at junctions is one of the top 10 reasons that people fail a driving test.

You’ll be marked with this fault for not taking effective observation before emerging at junctions, and emerging into the path of other vehicles. Always make sure it’s safe before proceeding.


2. Moving off safely

Moving off safely makes it into our top 10.

When you’re moving off from the side of the road, you need to make sure you look around, check your blind spots - and that you’re indicating the right way!


3. Use of mirrors

Not using mirrors properly is one of the top 10 reasons people fail.

Remember that you need to use your rear view mirror and door mirrors - and react to the information! People get caught out for pulling up with no mirror checks, increasing their speed with no mirror checks, or using their mirrors too late.


4. Reverse parking

The next reason is reverse parking. In the driving test you’ll either do a parallel park on the road, or reverse into a parking bay at the test centre.

You’ll notch up a fault in this area if you need to reposition to correct a loss of control or accuracy. A complete misjudgement or significant loss of control will count as a serious fault.

5. Response to traffic lights

Giving the right response to traffic lights is something that catches people out.

Some of the mistakes that people make include waiting at a green filter light when it’s safe to proceed and staying at the stop line when it’s safe to move.

Other faults that count include not conforming to a red light, and stopping beyond an advanced stop line in the area designated for cyclists.

6. Steering

Believe it or not, steering makes it into our top 10.

You need to be able to maintain a steady course in normal driving. Things like mounting and dismounting the kerb, and not following the contour of the kerb results in faults in this area.

7. Positioning

Road positioning is really important.

Your vehicle should be positioned correctly for the route you’re taking. If lanes are marked, make sure you’re in the middle of the lane. Avoid straddling lanes.

8. Turning right at junctions

Turning right at junctions makes it onto our list.

When you’re turning right, position your vehicle correctly - it shouldn’t cut the corner when turning right.

Also, watch out for cyclists and motorcyclists, and any pedestrians crossing the road.

9. Control when moving off

Is this the one everyone dreads doing?

Repeated stalling is one of the things that counts as control when moving off.

Other things that are included in this reason are moving off (or trying to!) with the handbrake on, rolling backwards when trying to move off - and not putting the car in gear and attempting to move off.

10. Response to road markings

And finally… look out for road markings.

You’ll be marked with faults in this area for doing things like unnecessarily crossing the solid white centre lines on the road, and not following directional arrows.

Stopping in a yellow box junction when the exit is not clear also counts for this reason. So make sure you know the rules about using them.

Prepare to pass

It’s normal to be nervous before your test, but if you’re properly prepared and your instructor thinks you’re ready, then there’s really no reason to worry.

On average, people who pass the test have had 45 hours of driving lessons and 22 hours of private practice (Source DVSA).

Your examiner’s not trying to catch you out; they just want to make sure that you can drive safe

the driving school where people love to learn to drive and where driving instructors love to work


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