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Welcome to Elite Driving School

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Elite instructors help people become independant, safe and responsable drivers from learning a skill that lasts a lifetime. 


Arsalan Akhtar

My entire experience has been absolutely flawless

My entire experience at elite driving has been absolutely flawless. From the very first day I was welcomed by email to the school and given a detailed introduction as to how this particular school operated.
I was consistently emailed to ensure I was progressing well and happy with the service I received which was very kind and reassuring. 

My instructor (Sarah) was an absolute joy to be taught by, she is very outgoing and willing to help anyone no matter the issue. 
Sarah aims to teach her pupils how to become safe competent drivers and not just how to pass a test, which is a huge advantage in my opinion. 
A few tips for new drivers wanting to learn how to drive; 
Go for it! Everyone starts somewhere but the key is to start.
Don't be nervous! The instructors at Elite are very kind and approachable, they will help you however they can.
On your test day try and get some light driving done before your actual test. I did this just before mine and it helped tremendously with relaxing my nerves and getting me focused for the test.
Overall, I can't fault my experience with Elite, they are a great school and Sarah is an amazing instructor so I would highly recommend them! 



Getting a full driving licence is your passport to freedom, and it will open the doors to a world full of possibilities:

What will you do when you get yours?


Kim Hornshaew hadn't driven before taking an intensive driving course. She passed at her driving test at the first attempt after just 33  days of starting lessons with Elite


Fred Storm passed his driving test with a clean sheet in less than six weeks with Elite driving school


Driving Lessons


Elite Driving School have been offering driving lessons in Hull since 1989 and have built a reputation of being the premier driving school in the local Hull and villages area.

We currently have male and female driving instructors operating in the Hull area who have all been CRB checked for your safety. Your driving lessons will be structured to suit your style of learning. We will not slow your progress down or push you further that you feel confident with. Your lessons will be focussed around client centred learning which means your driving instructor will discuss with you a plan of action that you feel comfortable with. A good example of this might be: Your driving instructor might suggest that it’s a good time to tackle roundabouts, but you may not feel comfortable and ask to choose an alternative subject instead, which is what your instructor will do.

A huge problem facing people when they to start their driving lessons is who to choose. Unfortunately most people select who they learn with on price, this is largely because they don’t know the best questions to ask when calling driving schools, which is why they base their decision on cost.

Buying a service is very different to buying a product. Driving instructors have different styles of teaching, and they also have different grades. The DVSA (Driving Vehicle Standards Agency) who are the government body that licence instructor to teach for reward, and also take learners for the theory test and the driving test, regularly test a driving instructor’s ability to teach and grade them accordingly.

Driving instructors that continue to take courses and development training to keep at the forefront of modern teaching and coaching, will generally earn top grades from the DVSA. A well trained instructor offering driving lessons in Hull will help you learn much faster so that you are ready for the practical test quicker and you will save a lot of money on the way.   

Driving schools and instructors lesson prices can vary by quite a bit. One of the main reasons is that National driving schools charge a premium because they have to make money from their franchised instructors to cover their marketing, staff wages, premises and shareholders expenses.

Local instructors generally get paid on reputation, the higher standard of training, test success rate and good customer service dictates the price you pay them for lessons.

Some individual instructors working on his/her own may charge a very low lesson rate because they lack recent training and confidence in the service they offer. The question to ask is why would any driving instructor undersell themselves and offer the cheapest driving lessons in Hull?

So if you‘re starting your lessons the best way to select a driving instructor is by recommendation and by checking out their reviews.


I mentioned above Elite Driving School have been able to build a very reputable reputation for driving lessons Hull by providing customer centred lessons with a strong mission statement of customer success. We rely enormously on recommendations to keep our team of Hull instructors busy and are extremely grateful to our Hull learners for the customer reviews they provide. Should you wish to check out our individual driving instructors and read what their customers have to say about them, then please visit the Meet the Team in Hull page.

I would like to wish you every success in your quest to obtain your full driving licence whether you choose Elite Driving School as your training provider or one of our competitors.


Warm Regards


Kevin Goldthorpe

Elite Driving school Hull

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driving lesson gift vouchers


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How much does it cost for driving lessons in Hull

Kieran Ellis

Flexible, friendly and patient.

Heard about Elite through family and friends and heard nothing but great reviews. Three of my family members passed on the first time of taking their tests with Elite so I decided take my lessons with them. My instructor was Angus, who was very flexible, friendly and patient. Angus' method of instructing made my lessons comfortable and relaxed with made the whole experience of getting behind the wheel much easier. I'm very happy to have passed my test as it will allow me an easier and quicker commute to and from work and the freedom to travel where I like. I will always put forward Elite when recommending a driving school.

How much are driving lessons in Hull

Kayleigh Bissell

Explains everything and has patience.

After having a bad experience with my previous driving instructor I was recommended to Stu by my friend, I have recently passed my test first time and I couldn't have done it without him, he has time for you, he explains everything until you understand, he has patience and I'm so pleased I went with Stu at Elite and I would recommend him to anyone.

How much are driving lessons

Luke Lamplough

Help on every stage at the start of your driving career.

Elite driving school have amazing staff who help you on every stage at the start of your driving career. From Pauline at the office who is always more than happy to resolve any issues you may have and keeps you informed of any changes which will affect you in advance, to your driving instructor. My driving instructor was Angus, who provided feedback and helped to ensure that I passed my test first time. There isn't a single fault I could outline, even when I made errors with the dates of my lessons Angus helped to ensure I wouldn't miss a lesson. The best thing about Elite, in my opinion, is they work at your rate - if you are like myself and learn at a quick rate the lessons will move quickly, however if you needed longer to master a technique then the lessons move at your rate. This personalisation of lessons I believe is the key to the great success you can achieve with Elite. .

Driving Schools in Hull

Beth Aboe-Howlett

Kept me calm and was reassuring.

I found out about Elite from the Internet. I liked how I could bulk buy hours at a good price compared to other driving schools. Booking my lessons was very easy, I signed up online and received an email asking me if I was available on a date only two weeks later. The office staff where very friendly and helpful. I am really pleased with the services I have received from Elite, Pauline's emails were always reassuring and Angus is a great driving instructor. 
My driving instructor was Angus Parker. I had never driven before and his method of teaching was great for me. He kept me calm and was reassuring when I would get nervous which was really nice of him to do. 
He was always on time and I always got the full hour and a half lesson. To begin with I had one lesson a week that suited me best and nearer to my test he was able to give me two lessons a week, a day after each other. I was always really nervous before my driving lessons but as time went by and I gained more confidence I started to really enjoy them. Angus would always allow me to do the things I had very little confidence in so I would learn from any mistakes and grow my confidence. I would rate his teaching abilities highly! I am very pleased with the service I got. I wouldn't have wanted a different instructor. 
I would definitely recommend Elite to friends and family. Great choice in courses to suit you best. Great service and brilliant instructors. I'm very glad I went with this driving school

Driving Tuition

Danny Wallace

Very friendly and easy to talk to.

I first heard about Elite Driving School when browsing online at the local driving instructors locally available and decided to choose Elite after seeing the high pass rates, good prices and all the positive feedback they receive. My instructor was Steve and he was very friendly and easy to talk to. His way of teaching was ideal for me as he not only gave me the skills needed to drive but also talked me through everything in clear detail so that I had the knowledge of what to do in different types of situations that I could come across when out on the road. It felt amazing to pass my driving test because it gives me much more freedom and helped me to become more self sufficient. It will benefit my future as well because now I can apply for more jobs as many now prefer people that can drive. I have already highly recommend that my sister learns to drive with Elite driving school because of my experience with them. The one piece of advice I'd give to people as to why they should book lessons with Elite is because they offer great value for money enjoyable driving lessons.


Welcome to Elite Driving School

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