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Driving lessons why choose us


Why Choose Us...


We know you're eager to start your driving lessons, but more importantly we know you can't wait until the day you pass your driving test and get your full driving licence, gaining your own independence. 


At Elite we genuinely care about our students, and helping you pass your driving test first time around, by teaching you to become a safe and responsable driver. 


We focus on our customers needs, not our own. Which is why we advise students to take 90 minute lessons, opposing to traditional 60 minute lessons, which leave you feeling you needed more time in the car. Instructors who favour 60 minute lessons do so because it suits them.


We've been offering 90 minute lessons for over 15 years, and they have proven to be far more successful than 60 minute lessons for helping students learn quicker, pass first time and save money.


 When you join us you'll benefit from:

  • Free access to theory test pro

for help in revising for the theory & hazard perception test

  • Refund if you don't like us

We think you'll love us, but just in case you don't tell us and we'll refund any used lessons you've paid for but haven't used

  • No Sneaky Catches

When you buy a block booking of lessons with us, including our Try Us deals, you'll get all the time you've paid for, and we won't try any sneaky tricks like holding half back your lessons until your test day. And you won't forfeit paid lessons if you take a break from driving either. Rest assured we are honest and we care about our customers and our reputation.

  • High Standards and sound business practice

Our instructor are high graded and follow our simply business rule of "Our customer's are the most important part of our business"

  • We are much cheaper than the other big driving schools

We spend a lot less on marketing, and we don't have big fancy office overheads, so our instructors can offer better lessons and still earn a respectable living

  • You have a choice of modern cars

Our cars are modern, dual controled, and easy for learners to drive. Our instructors choose their prefered model from a list of recommended cars for learners, so if you're a six and a half foot rugby player we can squeeze you in


With over 27 years experience teaching people the skill of driving, I'm confident we can help you acheive your desire to pass your test quickly and at the first attempt.


Want to book lessons with us, for driving lessonsin Hull, Lincoln, Doncaster or Sheffied, call 01482 772301

For driving lessons in York, Leeds or Bradford call 01904 819781

Or text back DRIVE to 07896 613888.

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How many lesson will you need?

Probably one of the most common questions we get asked is "how many lessons will I need", and altough it's difficult to advise people over the phone, or without seeing their driving, good instructors should be able to give you a fairly accurate guide within 2 to 3 hours of assessing you driving knowledge and skills.

If you haven't driven previously, then by taking our 9 hour try us deal, your instructor will give you a good indication of how many lessons you will need to get test ready within the first few hours.

If you have some previous driving experience you can take our 3 hours try us deal as an assessment.

Below is a table that was released by the DVSA over 5 years ago, who are the goverment body resonsable for theory and driving tests in the UK. This is the only record from the  DVSA that will give you an indication of how many driving hours you will need.

Please note that this is only a guide, and it's an average accross the UK. 

We believe that it's important to know how many lessons you will need so that your instructor can plan your driving test date, and give you a goal to acheive it within that time scale.  

Age Excellent Good Average Steady
17 - 20 26-29 30-34 35-40 41 onwards
21 - 25 27-34 31-41 37-48 43 onwards
26 - 30 30-39 36-49 42-56 49 onwards
31 - 35 33-42 40-53 50-62 57 onwards
36 - 40 35-47 43-59 54-70 63 onwards
41 - 45 38-52 48-65 60-78 71 Onwards
46 - 50 40-57 55-75 66-90 79 Onwards
51 - 55 43-59 58-79 76-95 91 onwards
56 - 60 45-68 60-87 80-105 96 onwards
60 plus 47-onwards 69 onwards 88 onwards  100 onwards


Book one of our try us deals or an assessment lesson if you are planning a driving course. We will structure your assessment so that we can learn as much about your driving skills as possible while at the same time giving you our full support.

Once we see what you are cabable of, your instructor will structure a course of lessons aimed at getting you test standard as quickly and safely as possible.


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Driving lessons why choose us

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