Learning to Drive Successfully

Learning to drive successfully involves making decisions…

When you are learning to drive at some stage you will have to start making your own decisions otherwise you’ll never be confident driving yourself.
There will be times when something happens and you won’t know what to do. But if you learn to rely on your own judgement you’ll find that you can make sensible safe decisions.
Take the picture below for example.


What’s on your mind…Question Do I go or stop?
At the crossing is a young cyclist intent on riding across the road, the driver has made a late decision to stop – this is possibly because he was indecisive, or wasn’t paying attention.
The result could be that following traffic was also caught out and had to also stop suddenly putting people in danger, or the pedestrian had the fright of their life or worse still hit by the driver.
Let’s look at the three choices
Don’t know
Now let’s look at the situation again.
Would you say it’s quite obvious that the cyclist is intending to ride to the other side of the road using the crossing?
What are the rules for a zebra crossing, is it a shared responsibility where pedestrians waits for a driver to stop and let them cross safely, and drivers should be aware that pedestrian are waiting for a safe opportunity to cross?
In your opinion do you think people at a zebra crossing take it for granted that drivers will stop, and that some force that issue by walking out regardless of a drivers intention?
So in the picture do you think the cyclist will ride on to the crossing without thought for the driver, Yes? Then the only logical choice is to first recognise the situation early enough and stop giving way to the pedestrian.
To help you with make the right decisions, make sure you understand the rules of the road, by reading the highway code. Be vigilant when driving and always ask yourself the “What if” question.
Happy safe driving