1st time Driving test pass for Joshua Jones

1st time driving test pass

Congratulations to Josh on passing his driving test at his first attempt. Josh had an almost perfect pass with just 2 minor faults.

Josh’s instructor Joe Phillips said Josh did extremely well, his knowledge of Hull’s road is very limited because Josh is from Taunton in Somerset but he’s studying at Hull university .

Josh might start making those long trips home by car in the future.

Why should you become a driver?

It’s hard to imagine just how much easier and fun life is when you can drive, and I suppose you’ll never really see the benefits until you can.

If you’re used to catching the bus, getting lifts from others or you walk a lot, that’s normal for you. But if you ask a driver to use any of those modes of transport they’ll probably laugh at you.

You see people grow really fond of their car. You’ll see them on a weekend with a bucket & hose pipe happily putting a shine back on the trusty steed.

They’ll proudly look back as they walk away after parking up, and they’ll spot every car that’s the same as theirs.

For many people owning their dream car is top of the wish list, should they win the lottery, or by chance get a huge pay rise.

So, passing your driving test just to become a proud owner of your own car has got to be worth the investment.

Are you ready to be a 1st time driving test pass driver like Josh?

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