Booking driving tests is off line this weekend

This weekend some of DVSA’s online services for driver and rider trainers won’t be available because of planned maintenance.

You won’t be able to use the following services from 9:00am Saturday (28 March) until mid afternoon on Sunday (29 March):

book and manage your practical driving test
DVSA practical test business service
ADI online services (eg. renew or update your registration)
record Driver CPC training you provide
check your Driver CPC periodic training hours
upload delegated examiner records
We’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

Online theory tests

The onlilne theory test booking service won’t be affected. You and your trainees will still be able to book and manage your theory tests as usual.

Intensive driving course benefits

Many modern driving schools now offer the option of intensive driving lessons available.

Due to the eligibility for certain jobs, or just needing a car for a specific reason – intensive courses may be the option for someone who needs to learn to drive within a limited amount of time.
Modern schools meet these needs, not only providing a quicker time frame to learn to drive, but with the same amount of quality and integrity.

With intensive driving lessons, you choose when you would like to pass and we will set that goal and hopefully reach it.

Elite Driving can teach you to drive in 7 days on one our Intensive Driving Courses, or, if it’s more convenient, it can be spread across 2 to 10 weeks on one of our fast pass Route 66 driving courses.

Please visit our website to view all of our driving courses available and we can help you decipher the best course for you.

Driving Lessons Hedon

Driving lessons Hedon, Jessica CheesemanCongratulations to Jessica Cheeseman from Hedon who passed her driving test on her first attempt on the 4th March 2015.

Jessica did especially well to beat the nerves and have a great drive.

Jessica already has her own car and is all ready to get on the roads!

Happy driving Jessica best wishes for the future from driving instructor James Fosten and the team at Elite driving School

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New Highway code wording

New rule 96 wording

You MUST NOT drive under the influence of drugs or medicine. For medicines, check with your doctor or pharmacist and do not drive if you are advised that you may be impaired.

You MUST NOT drive if you have illegal drugs or certain medicines in your blood above specified limits. It is highly dangerous so never take illegal drugs if you intend to drive; the effects are unpredictable, but can be even more severe than alcohol and result in fatal or serious road crashes. Illegal drugs have been specified at very low levels so even small amounts of use could be above the specified limits. The limits for certain medicines have been specified at higher levels, above the levels generally found in the blood of patients who have taken normal therapeutic doses. If you are found to have a concentration of a drug above its specified limit in your blood because you have been prescribed or legitimately supplied a particularly high dose of medicine, then you can raise a statutory medical defence, provided your driving was not impaired by the medicine you are taking.

Laws RTA 1988 sect 4 & Law RTA 1988 sect 5A

Previous wording

Rule 96 used to say:

You MUST NOT drive under the influence of drugs or medicine. Check the instructions or ask your doctor or pharmacist. Using illegal drugs is highly dangerous. Never take them if you intend to drive; the effects are unpredictable, but can be even more severe than alcohol and may result in fatal or serious road crashes.

Law RTA 1988 sect 4