“Stu is a really good driving instructor”

I’ve recently passed my driving test first time with driving instructor Stuart and I’d like to let you know how easy he made the whole learning experience. I’ve tried driving lessons on and off since I was 18, so we’re looking at 20 years now !! I’ve always got so far and stopped, I either didn’t get on with the instructor or felt I was not being taught rather being told.

Stu changed all that, a great laid back approach no pressure and yet everything clicked from the off. 13 lessons later I sailed my test.

All credit is due and well earned, Stu is a really good instructor. I myself am a register RTITB instructor and felt very relaxed and comfortable thanks to Stu.

Please pass on my regards and heartfelt thanks.

Andy Steels




Tips for passing driving theory

Preparing for a practical driving test can be stressful and with the added pressure of needing to pass the theory prior to getting a full driving licence.

Elite Driving School have compiled a list of tips together to help those taking their theory achieve success.

First and foremost, in order to be prepared, you should:

Book you test

It is the obvious step however you have the option to book your theory at one of the many test centres nationwide. To find your nearest centre, you can visit the official website here.
Ensure you have your provisional licence with you, along with your credit/debit card as there will be a fee to pay.


The theory test will include fifty multiple question from a bank of over one thousand and the candidate will need to get over 90% of the questions correct to pass.

To make the revision easier, the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has released a Theory Test Handbook that has a lot of useful tips and example questions that will help any candidate and is brilliant to revise from.

Hazard perception

After the candidate has completed the multiple choice question test, they will progress on to the hazard perception test.
The test will include a series of video clips that feature a variety of video clips that will feature a selection of driving hazards that the candidate will need to spot.

Click here to test your knowledge and practise scanning the road effectively, identifying any distraction and looking out for cyclists to make sure you are fully prepared.

Mock tests

If you believe you are ready for your theory test, there is a government-run website called Safe Driving for Life that enables users to try out a mock test, exclusive to the multiple choice test only.

TIP: Practise with friends and family that have already completed their theory test asking them to quiz you on your driving knowledge.

Once you have gotten all of your prep work complete, you will need to focus on these things on the day of your theory:

TIP: Arrive at the centre 30 minutes prior to the theory test.


Allow yourself extra time to arrive at the theory test centre, as there is a high chance that a candidate hasn’t visited the centre before. It relieves stress on the day also.


Candidates must ensure they have brought along with them their paper and photo card of the driving licence on the day of their theory test.

Utilise your time

There will be an allocated 15 minutes of practice time prior to the test which will allow those sitting it to get used to the screen and familiarise themselves with the layout of questions etc.


Along with the 15 minutes of extra time at the beginning of the test, there will be a 3 minutes break between the first and second part of the test signifying a half way point.
This is the perfect time for the candidate to take a breather and stretch from their desk, clearing their head and readying themselves for the second and final part, hazard perception.

For further information about driving theory tests and driving lessons, please visit our website!

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