Driving Tips: Steering

One piece of advice when steering, and we’re aware of how it sounds is to look at what you want to hit.

You will be drawn towards whatever you focus your attention on, or what you are looking at. Thus, it follows that if you pay close attention to obstacles, you are likely to hit them. Nearly every steering problem can be traced back to observation.

By looking ahead and keeping your eyes moving, you are taking in as much information as you can, something that is crucial for acquiring effective steering control.

When steering through narrow gaps such as parked cars, ensure to look well ahead and aim for the empty space. By looking ahead early, you are setting yourself on the right course and won’t need to look at the obstructions.

Turning right

A large number of new drivers have difficulties when turning right or completing the final leg of the turn-in-the-road manoeuver, otherwise known as a three point turn.

A natural response is to look at the car’s bonnet or directly in front of the car, however, you should be looking through the driver’s side window.

Moving your view along the new road and then ahead, so then your eyes won’t start to move back towards the front (a common occurrence as the car moves around the corner) move the steering wheel with them.

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Driving Lessons in Hull with James the Legend

Massive thank you too James Foston, the driving instructor who I took my Driving Lessons in Hull with!

He brought a gigantic amount of humour always kept me smiling and overall showed me how to be a confident safe driver.

He was always patient and easy to talk too, I never felt uneasy or uptight, just incredibly relaxed!

James taught me in the most entertaining but effective ways of driving. He was constantly prompting me, keeping me safe every second of the lesson.

I would definitely recommend James, It was the most memorable experience driving with James, I feel very self assured whilst driving now, and I’m extremely grateful for the monumental help!
From Scott Anderson