New Year’s Resolution: Learn to Drive

With December just around the corner and the New Year following that, it might be about time we think about our resolutions.

This year, instead of picking one you’re likely to forget or break, we have a suggestion for you, only if you haven’t learnt yet: learning to drive!

Driving schools can provide students with great packages and offers that are tailored to suit them, Elite can even have you test ready in 66 days.

Learning to drive comes with an endless list of benefits, of course, you will have your own freedom and the ease of getting from A to B.

For more information about driving, check out our FAQ!

Better driving looks at the human factors of driving

The DVSA have published their first book on Better Driving. The book looks at the human factors of driving, like your health, mood and attitude, and helps readers identify their own tendencies behind the wheel and find ways to turn these into better driving behaviours.


We all know a bit about what we should and shouldn’t do behind the wheel, but the DVSA needed someone who really knew their stuff. Someone who’s done the research and can say what good driving looks like. Read on here…





The forecast for the rest of the week is blustery winds coming from the north, sweeping across the country with freezing temperatures. Our recommendation is wear woolly socks and a thick coat or alternatively learn to drive to keep toasty and warm.