Even when you have a fear of driving we can give you the confidence you require and the inspiration to achieve your goals.

Driving Lessons Anlaby, Tony Fisher

Even when you have a fear of driving we can give you the confidence you require and the inspiration to achieve your goals.

Read Tony’s story:

Driving for myself was somewhat of a obstacle to overcome due to a serious car accident in my teens, my confidence was somewhat shot to say the least yet driving at some point was a necessity in my daily life so upon passing my theory I searched straight away for a local driving school. Due to my work lifestyle simply doing lessons was not an option so I opted for an intense driving course.

Elite struck me right away as the right people to complete the task at hand. Upon contacting Elite, Pauline quickly arranged an assessment with driving instructor Steve. Within my first hour and a half assessment I regained an overwhelming sense of confidence due to Steve’s assertive yet informative way of teaching. Shortly after my assessment Steve recommended a quick 18 hour course and so Pauline arranged the test date. The overall way of admin involving this was fantastic, quick and efficient with well detailed and documented itinerary. Steve and I arranged a 6-day intense course schedule comprising of 3-hour lessons. It was a pleasure to have Steve as my instructor each day. He was patient and understanding and most of all informative every step of the way. I had a fun packed few days learning to drive! When test Day came we both seemed quietly confident and low and behold I passed first time with two very ‘minor’ minors.

I cannot thank Elite Driving School and instructor Steve enough for helping me through this. I would and will recommend Elite to anyone I know looking to begin driving lessons. Thanks Elite

Headphone wearers are a modern-day curse for road safety


Headphone wearers are a modern-day curse for road safety, with smartphone zombie who step off the kerb with headphones glued to their ears, oblivious to what is going on around them.

The number of accidents caused by drivers and pedestrians “failing to look” has risen by 12% over the past decade, according to figures from the Department for Transport.

Share the road and the responsibility.

In life it’s not where you go, It’s who you travel with..

James DIBS

In life it’s not where you go, It’s who you travel with…
The day begins in the moment you open your eyes. It’s your life and you get to choose what you do with that day, and driving will help you achieve more.

The ability to drive lets you to see parts of the world you otherwise wouldn’t, do jobs you otherwise couldn’t and see family and friends more often. The ability to drive is an investment in life, and is well worth the time and investment it takes to achieve it.

Something for the Girls

Something for the Girls

If you’re looking for a nice little car when you pass your test take a look at the Fiat 500.

Launched in 2007 and refreshed in 2015, the Fiat 500 is the car that saved Fiat. It’s easy to see why, as it looks great, is fun to drive and has proved to be better built and more reliable than many previous fiats.

Insurance is low for the little 500, and it’s a cool car to be seen in for any young motorist.

Take a look at the 500 here: http://www.fiat.co.uk/fiat500/500

We are not suggesting you go and buy one but it’s worth putting it in your maybe list…

The BIG ‘I’ Word

The BIG ‘I’ Word

 Yes you guessed it INSURANCE can cost you more than a car itself and is one reason many new drivers struggle to get on the road after passing their driving test.

A bit of good news may be ahead…

The financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is proposing that car insurance companies will have to tell consumers how much they paid the previous year at renewal time.

This is to encourage people to shop around for car insurance before automatically renewing. You should at least haggle for a lower price before committing to a further year.

This will make it difficult for insurance companies to inflate the price of annual premiums without stating a good reason first.

If you’re looking for insurance our advice is use the compare the market companies but also try your local brokers and independents that are not on the comparison websites.

DON’T just take the first quote, ringing round could save you hundreds £££’s…

The 5 Top places to visit in your car after you pass your test.

The 5 Top places to visit in your car after you pass your test.

Summer is upon us and it’s the time to get out doors and enjoy the long summer days.

If you’ve ever wanted 5 reasons why you should buy a course of lessons and get driving this year here’s our recommendation of places to visit when you pass your test.

Cornwall beaches:

Not only is Cornwall a gorgeous place to visit with plenty going on (such as theatres, gardens and museums), but the beaches are fantastic too. Also a stop off at Watergate Bay and Sennen Cove, are a must to go for a bit of surfing!

The Lake District

Looking for a great drive with fantastic views? The Lake District definitely won’t disappoint. With wonderful driving routes and some of the best scenery and visitor attractions in the country, you won’t get bored!

Glen Coe

Located in the Scottish Highlands, north of Argyll, Glen Coe was recently made famous as one of the main settings for the James Bond ‘Skyfall’ movie. You may not be able to afford the insurance for an Aston Martin, but you can still have a lot of fun.

Drive-in theatre

Finding a drive-in movie or theatre near you is a great opportunity to go for a drive and have some fun one weekend. Apparently they are springing up all over the UK. It’s a great chance to catch the latest film release, cult classic or even a Shakespeare play.


Want to get out of the country without spending tonnes of cash for a plane ticket? The best way to do this is either by driving to Dover and hopping on a ferry, or by getting aboard the Eurostar. Once you’re across the channel, you have the option of driving around some beautiful locations such as Brussels, Lille, Marseille and Paris.

Why you should start your theory test early?


Why you should start your theory test early?

If you haven’t passed the theory test then you’ll need to do it asap. By Not having a valid theory pass certificate doesn’t stop you from learning, however, it does stop you from booking a practical driving test. To book a driving test you need a valid provisional driving licence and a valid theory test pass certificate.


Mini Roundabouts

Mini Roundabouts

Mini Roundabouts

Have you ever struggled with a mini-roundabout? Have you looked at traffic flashing past and been unable to decide when it’s safe to pull out? If so, you’re not alone – even experienced drivers can, from time to time, find themselves scratching their head, uncertain when to launch themselves over the ‘give way’ line.

If you been at a mini roundabout where nobody is quite sure who should enter the roundabout first, then never fear we’re here to help.

Basically, there’s no big secret to mini-roundabouts. Treat them just like you would their big brothers. That means you should slow down and be prepared to give way to traffic entering the roundabout from the right.

Here’s a few simple rules to keep in mind:

• Before you enter the roundabout, make sure that any vehicles already using it are preparing to leave it. Some drivers could be using the roundabout to perform a U-turn. This can make the gap for oncoming vehicles very small indeed. If in doubt, stay at the roundabout entrance and look for tell-tale indications.
• There’s less space to manoeuvre and less time to signal, but try to give a clear indication of your intentions to other drivers.
• Don’t be tempted to drive straight over the middle of a mini-roundabout. Pass round the central markings, unless you’re driving a large vehicle or towing a trailer that can’t make such a small turn.
• Move on to them with your car under control, don’t try rushing otherwise this will cause you to panic

OK, we’re on a roll now and should be feeling good about the prospects of encountering our next mini-roundabout

Are you a goldfish or an elephant when taking driving lessons?

Driving Lessons banter

Which one are you? Goldfish or elephant?


Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to complete a random quiz to help you identify which animal you are (this isn’t Buzzfeed after all).


Or a survey to see which pet you should get next (FYI, elephants aren’t suitable pets, in case you were wondering…)


I am, in fact, talking about your memory.


What’s this got to do with learning to drive I hear you ask?


Well if like a goldfish, you have a three-second memory? Could Dory from Finding Nemo remember more from your previous driving lesson than you?


Or are you more like an elephant? Never forgetting anything and priding yourself on being able to recall random facts from 10 lessons ago?


If your memory is like a sieve, this simple trick promises that you’ll be able to remember just about anything…in under 40 seconds.


According to experts at the University of Waterloo, drawing is a pretty powerful memory aid. They gave students a list of 30 words and asked to spend 40 seconds writing it out repeatedly or drawing it.


Those that drew the words recalled twice as many as those who’d written the words out.




Even if you’re an elephant then, this is a handy trick to keep your memory in tip-top condition.


Though I can’t promise it’ll help you remember your next lesson…


So whether you’re an elephant, goldfish, or simply someone who needs a helping hand with in the memory department, this is one technique worth trying out.


Now, if only I’d known this earlier. I’d of remember where I’d put my car keys….


Have a fantastic weekend…

Why are our Driving Courses so Popular?


Why are our Driving Courses so popular?


Why are our driving courses so popular?

Your lessons are booked in advance so you get regular lessons and you always know when they are.

Your driving test is pre-booked for you so you have a goal to aim for.

You get to select the days and times that best suit your availability.

Because lessons are more frequent you will learn quicker.

The courses are discounted so you’ll save money by paying in advance.