Young drivers and Telematics

Telematics (the black box)


Telematics insurance now accounts for a third of young drivers getting on the road. It’s been around five years, but only popular for three.

Companies like Ingenie have now installed over 100,000 boxes in young drivers cars.

The first year premium with the black box is on average £1,500 with an annual renewal premium of around £900.

The other benefit of using a telematics box in your car is that you are consciously aware of it, which makes you constantly think about how you are driving, your awareness is improved and so is your safety and that of others around you.

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Dealing with the driving test waiting time

Why are Driving test waiting times so long?

Unfortunately booking a driving test for a few weeks times isn’t an option available to people at many UK driving test centres, and some driving test centres have huge waiting times of over 16 weeks to book a #drivingtest.

This causes problems for #drivinginstructors deciding when to book a test for their students.

Why? Because some students want to learn in just a few short weeks on intensive driving courses, and they still have to wait weeks for an available test date.

Contrary to peoples perception intensive driving courses don’t short cut the waiting times of a driving test. However in many cases it means a long wait before you start your #intensivecourse. Generally an intensive course finishes with a driving test, and a driving test can only be booked using a students licence details. As an example if the waiting times in your local area is 16 weeks this means after booking the test a two week intensive course would start in 14 weeks time.

To help reduce the waiting times for test the DVSA (Driving Vehicle Standards Agency) are recruiting and training more examiners, as well as monitoring staff levels to make sure they deploy the right number of examiners to each test centre location.

The DVSA will also be trialling  summer hours, and will be offering tests during evenings and weekends at some test centres between now and October.

These changes will help reduce the waiting times but in some busy towns and cities it might not make a massive difference.

One of the things that contributes to the driving test waiting times are re-tests. This is people visiting the test centre more than once.

An it will surprise you to know that between April 2015 and March 2016, the DVSA had to cancel 2,892 car driving tests because the candidate didn’t bring the right documents, the car wasn’t suitable, or it didn’t have L plates fitted.

A further 2,201 car tests couldn’t go ahead because the candidate arrived late.

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Reply of the driving test consultation with Lesley Young

Chief Driving Examiner Lesley Young answered questions from ADI’s about improvements to the driving test.

Some of the topics discussed were:

  • independent driving and using sat navs
  • changes to the manoeuvres
  • tests routes using more dual carriageways and major roads
  • how many people have responded to the consultation so far

You can Watch the full interview or read a transcript on the Despatch blog