Hull Driving Lessons

Hull Driving Lessons
Customer Review from Holly Schooley

Hull Driving Lessons



I would definitely recommend Sarah as an instructor as she has a lot of patience and is easy to get along with. I was never worried or nervous for my driving lessons, i was always excited and ready to see what i need to improve on next. I passed first time with Sarah and this is all down to her, for going through everything with me every lesson and to see if there is anything that needs to be addressed before my test. I have really enjoyed my experience with Sarah and would recommend Sarah and Elite itself to anyone.

Thank you for your help over this year, I am very grateful.


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Driving Lessons Deal Hull

Driving Lessons Deal Hull
Customer Review from Katie Wright

Driving Lessons Deal Hull


I heard about Elite driving school when I was having trouble with a private instructor who worked on his own and not for a company and my partner told me to go to the company he passed with which was Elite. My previous instructor outside of the company made me very stressed about driving but the Elite instructor was very calm and understanding and driving came natural when I was in the car with him. I already had a lot of knowledge from the previous driving instructor but found his methods very confusing and stressful (such as I was not allowed to use my wing mirrors when reversing into a parking space or reversing around a corner). The Elite instructor has stick on round mirrors on his wing mirrors solely for the purpose of using them in manoeuvres and also used an iPad app to help recap or teach scenarios on the road and ensure you have all of the knowledge that you need to drive on the road safely.

I needed to pass my test as I’m going to university to do a nursing degree and I need to be able to qualify and immediately get transport as placements/work may be some distance away and working nights would make it hard/expensive to get to work on public transport.

I would recommend Elite driving school as it is very efficient and my instructor concerned himself with my finances to ensure I got the best deal and wasn’t paying out money I couldn’t afford to pass my test. He was very calm when I occasionally made a mistake unlike a previous self-employed instructor I encountered.


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Men vs. Women: Who Are Better Learner Drivers?

Men Vs Women

Men vs. Women: Who Are Better Learner Drivers?

Which gender makes for the best learner driver as revealed by ADIs?

To settle the argument once and for all, insurer Admiral teamed up with the Driving Instructors Association to uncover which gender is best behind the wheel from learning to drive through to heading out on to the road as a qualified driver, continue reading here

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A proper Christmas Sing-a-long in the car

Allo, Allo, Allo, What’s This…a Christmas sing-a-long While Driving?


Go-on we all do it at this time of the year.

How many of you jump in the car and have a proper good sing along to Chris Rea’s “driving home for Christmas”, Slade’s “Merry Christmas everybody” or the Pogues, “Fairy tale of New York”

You know you love it. It’s what Christmas is all about.

So what better way can we wish a Happy Christmas to all of our customers, and say a big thanks for your custom in 2016, than sending you a Christmas classic from Mariah Carey, accompanied by James Corden in the Xmas Carpool.

Wishing you a wonderful and safe Christmas.


Best Wishes from Elite Driving school



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Best Driving Instructors in Hull

Best Driving Instructors in Hull
Customer Review from Richard Hague

Best Driving Instructors in Hull

I learnt about Elite driving School from a friends daughter who had lessons with them. They were very pleased and recommended them and also the instructor, Angus, that taught her. I found him very good and this gave me confidence in my driving. It helped greatly getting used to driving in busy town driving and anticipating the road conditions as they occurred.

Passing my driving test was brilliant and gives me one more thing for my CV when I leave school and apply for a job. On the whole Angus is a very good instructor and would have no hesitation in recommending both Elite and Angus to other prospective learner driver. Elite gives you great confidence in your driving ability and treats you with care.




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No high-fiving the lollipop lady kids

Gi-me Five Lolly pop Lady Sheila


Just good fun, or maybe not…

Health and safety. Designed to protect the public and staff at work, but can it sometimes can be a real pain edging on the side of ridiculous, or in some cases make total sense

Let me introduce Sheila Allen to you. A 58 year old lollipop lady from South Wales. She’s one of the cool lollipop ladies on the street.

Pedestrian crossings

Why? Because she brightens up the pupils day by high fiving them all as they cross the road. Is it a harmless and nice thing to do in the morning?

Not according to the Health and safety officials. Sheila has been told to stop this absurd act straight away before any school children are injured. Sheila was told that she must keep her eyes on the road and not be distracted by the children as they cross following complaints from drivers.

She’s been told that she is permitted to smile and give them a thumbs up, but no high fives are allowed outside St Illtyd Primary School in Llantwit Major, South Wales. There must be concerns that it could cause drivers anxiety because they are being kept waiting longer than necessary, and cause a high five traffic queue. Experts are assessing this as I write this post.

Children crossing the road this morning were offering their hand to Sheila but she avoided breaking the rules by keeping one hand on her stick and the other behind her back.

Emma Reed, the council’s head of visible services and transport, backed the ‘high-five’ ban.

She said (please use your nerdiest Mr Bean voice when reading this in your head): ‘These guidelines make clear that patrol officers should “avoid any distractions or activities that could divert your attention from your important task of seeing pedestrians safely across the road’ and should not remain in the road longer than is necessary as this causes undue delays to traffic”.

What’s your thoughts:

Is it health and safety being silly by taken the fun away from children learning to cross the road?

Or could it really cause danger by encouraging kids to mess around while crossing busy roads, annoying drivers?


Have a high fives for the penultimate Christmas weekend.


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Driving Instruction Hull

Driving Instruction Hull
Customer Review from Sam Terry

Driving Instruction Hull


I chose Elite due to excellent customer reviews and test results. My instructor was Stuart McLean, he’s an amazing driving instructor and I’m going to miss him. He always made me feel calm and relaxed and if I was struggling with anything in particular, we would go over it until I understood and got it right.

I didn’t pass my test first time due to nerves but I’m so glad I got chance to do it again! I couldn’t of done it without Stu! I’ve already recommended him to my friends and family.


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