Vehicle breakdown are you prepared

Vehicle Breakdowns


It’s every drivers worst nightmare breaking down in their car. But matters can be made worse if you breakdown on a busy motorway at dusk, or in the country miles from anywhere, or even at night in an area you’re not familiar with.

In short breaking down can be a frightening experience, and a very costly one.

So what should you do?

Well first it’s logical to join a breakdown recovery company, and always have your membership number and their telephone number in your car.

If you breakdown in an area that’s dangerous, put your hazards on, and get you and passengers to safety. if you breakdown on the hard shoulder of a motorway  get out of the car and stand as far back from busy traffic as possible. Otherwise stay in the car until the recovery people arrive.

How to avoid break downs.

Although you never know if, where or when you might breakdown, keeping your car well maintained, and regularly check the fluids and tyres, you can definitely reduce the chance of a breakdown.

There are plenty of break down companies to choose from and roadside assistance cover starts from as little as £25 a year for a basic cover.

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What should you do if you get a puncture?

Dealing with a puncture (flat tyre)


Most modern cars are fitted with a tyre pressure monitor light on the dash board, which will warn you if any of your tyre pressures are low.

But if you feel your car isn’t driving quite right then pull over somewhere safe away from busy traffic so that you can get out and inspect the tyres.

Tell tale signs of a tyre with low pressure can be the car pulling to the right or left. The steering feeling heavy, or the feeling of an oval tyre.

If you pick up a nail you might hear a tic, tic noise as the nail head hits the road on each rotation.

What should you do if you think you’ve got a flat?

If you are experienced at changing the wheel and have a legal spare, find a safe well lit spot where you can change the wheel safely. If you car is supplied with a warning triangle place it 45 meters before your car to warn traffic on your side of the road of an impending hazard.

Some cars are supplied with a type of tyre foam that can be injected into the tyre through the valve. This acts as a temporary fix until you can get to the nearest garage.

Please read the car manufactures recommended guide on how to use tyre foam and temporary spare wheels supplied with modern cars.

If you need help call for road side assistance. It pays to be a member of one of the UK’s breakdown companies, and you should keep your membership details with your car, in case you need to call.

Know your cars recommended tyre pressures, which can be found in your manual, or on a sticker generally found on the inside of your car door frame. Check your tyres regularly, and never try to drive too far on a flat tyre.

Stay Safe…

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New driving laws you should know…

Do you know what new driving laws have been introduced since 2015?


There’s been a number of changes to the motoring law in the past few years, which motorist need to know about.


  • Driving Licences

The paper counter part of the driving licence has been scrapped, and your plastic photo card is your only proof of your entitlement to drive.

But if you intend to start driving lessons, driving schools and instructors may need to know if you have any penalty points on your licence which might effect their insurance.

Before you start lessons you should visit the DVLA website CLICK HERE which will allow you to get a special code that can be used bby the driving school to check your details online. You can also get the code by calling 0300 083 0013.

The code only lasts 21 days, so make sure it will be valid when you decide to book your driving lessons.

  • Tax Disc’s

From the first of October 2014, drivers no longer need to display a tax disc in the windscreen of their car. You still have to pay vehicle tax, so make a note of when it’s due for renewal, just in case you forget.

  • Selling a secondhand car

New rules from 2015 means that if you sell your car you must cash it the vehicle tax, leaving the new owner to buy their own.

The DVLA will refund you for any credit left on your tax disc as soon as they receive your completed V5  (vehicle registration document) telling them you have sold, scrapped, exported or declared SORN (Statutory off road notification) on your car.

  • Lane Lane Hog Fine:

It is an offence to sit in a middle lane or any other lane if the left hand lane is available for the route you are travelling.

In the example of a motorway you should only use the lane to the right for overtaking, and return to the left hand lane when safe to do so.

The new legislation brings big penalties for careless and inconsiderate drivers who hog lanes, holding up other drivers and causing danger.

  • Drug Driving

It has been an offence since 2015 to drive under the influence of drugs. The law also includes some prescribed drugs such as diazeqpam, methadone and morphine.

If your worried whether your medication fall under the new law, contact your doctor to seek advice.

  • Smoking

It is an offence in England for a driver to smoke in a vehicle with passengers under 18 years old. If a passenger passenger is smoking in a car with under 18’s both he and the driver could face a fine.

  • Speed Limits

The new speed limit for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) in England and Wales has recently been raised from 40 to 50mph on single carriageways and from 50 to 60MPH on dual carriageways.

  • Drink Driving Laws in Scotland

The blood alcohol limit for drink driving in Scotland was lowered to 50mg per 100ml of blood, bringing it in line with most of Europe. The rest of the UK stayed at 80mg per 100ml.



Changes to driving instructor testing by the DVSA

Does the existing Driving Instructor Testing system prepare people for a life as a driving instructor?   For as many years as I can remember the DVSA have tested potential driving instructors in much the same way. It starts with the theory, followed by a practical test, and finally concluding with the instructional test. And…

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The secret of how to pass the theory test

Why is the theory test a big deal for some people but not others?


Lets explore some of the reason why people flop the theory test…

Well the first clue is the word TEST, no one likes to be judged. Mention the word theory test and failure springs to mind.

Have you ever heard yourself say if I fail the first test I’ll pass the second or third time.

Noooooo… The next time you here the voice in your head shout fail, say Thanks but NO I’m not going to listen to you, I know I can pass first time.

To many students passing the theory involves revising and giving up time, but that’s the reality. If you want to succeed you’ve got to put in the hours and study.

Think of the years of benefit beyond the theory and driving tests, all for just a few weeks of revision.


Finding the right study material can be a chore

There is no shortage of learning solutions on the market to help you prepare for the theory test, but I recommend studying the Highway Code in book form and paying a few quid to gain full access to Theory Test Pro available here

Of course the questions you’ll find on the internet are different to those featured in the actual test, so it’s pointless trying to memorise them.

Practice questions are designed to test your knowledge, and they deal with exactly the same themes and rules of the road as the actual test questions.


No Flapping

During the test you might find some questions that causes panic arrhhhh, but don’t ignore them, you can mark them using the FLAG button and return to them later when you have completed all the remaining questions. You might find by then you’re in less of a flap and the answer might pop into your head.

Hazard perception rules ok:

hazard part of the test isn’t such a big deal for many, after all most are used to playing video games and clicking a mouse. But bear in mind the hazard clips are live and there’s no going back if you think you’ve missed something.

So imagine it’s you sat behind the wheel of the car in the videos, and with eagle eyes focused on the road ahead, assess situations as they develop and if you feel you might need to slow down or turn the steering wheel to avoid the actions of other road users including pedestrians, click the mouse.

Be aware that just one click might not land you in the scoring zone so click a few times, but avoid continuously clicking or in a pattern because the system will detect some form of cheating may be going on.

Many instructors think the cheat detection system is too sensitive, especially in busy town scenarios, where there might be multiple potential hazards.

To help you get the best results on the hazard test, practice is essential. Most clips allow you to playback scenes and see how your score was recorded, which will help you understand how the system works.

So now you’ve got a better idea of what you need to do, you should be better prepared to pass your theory test at the first attempt.


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How much could a driving licence be worth to you?

Del Boy Driving Licence

A Driving Licence Could be Worth as much as £6,000 per year

Source Adzuma

Passing a driving test is a major milestone in most people’s lives and it means different things to different people.

For some people getting a full drivers licence is the start of their dream of owning their own car. Your first car is probably the car that you will most remember throughout your life, for good or for bad reasons. For Mrs O it wasn’t a good memory, being a young female she was sold a pup (banger), via a so called friend (not anymore), although it seemed a great buy at the time until it started to fall apart around her ankles and ended up costing her a fortune. For other people it’s purely about travel so in other words getting around from A to B independently of work colleagues, friends and family. And then there are those people who benefit from a step up in their career by being able to drive. It’s recently been quoted by Adzuma that passing a driving test could be worth as much as £6,000 per year just by having a licence.

In a roundabout way when you pass a test it fulfils all of the three reasons above because the ability to drive let’s people see parts of the world they otherwise wouldn’t, do jobs they otherwise couldn’t and see friends and family more often.

So how would a driving licence benefit you?

We’re very interested to hear your comments.




Driving Lesson Prices Hull

Driving Lesson Prices Hull

I would just like to personally thank Elite Driving School and in particular Paul who was my instructor who stuck with me right till I finally passed on Friday 3rd Feb.
Driving with Paul was a pleasure and I felt comfortable every time we went out on a lesson. I would, and have, recommended him to a few friends already. Once again thank you to Paul, choosing Elite was the right choice for me.



Good Franchise – Bad Franchise

Do you Currently Work in a franchise or have done so in the past?


Why ask the question?
I speak to many ADI’s who share their experiences of being in a franchise, some good, some bad?

Franchising for many of the large driving schools is simply a method for expanding business through a licence relationship with driving instructors, where the franchisees generally receive an operating manual, marketing strategy and the companies brand to use at a local level.

But in most cases this isn’t what the driving instructor wants or needs.

The challenge for driving instructors is to find a business partner who can take care of the day to day organisation and administration of work on their behalf. While, transforming their marketing and expertly taking control of customer acquisition so they can focus solely on teaching.

Ultimately your driving school partner should eliminate your work load stress, and keep your diary constantly full with reliable customers, so you can relax at the end of the day after you finish teaching.

Building solid relationships with instructors, is core to our business strategy. And finding unique ways to improve their earnings while reducing the hours worked is our primary objective.

If you want to transform your career, then trust in the right people to help and support you.



Female Driving Instructors in Hull

Female Driving Instructors in Hull

Both Elite and my instructor, Sarah, were great throughout the whole process in ensuring I became a confident and safe driver. Sarah had great patience when I found myself struggling and consistently found ways to improve on these issues so I could overcome them. She was reassuring as I first began my lessons with her, and really adapted her teaching style to what worked best for me which really helped to improve my confidence! We also did plenty of mock tests along various routes so I had experience driving in all situations which really helped me when it came to the test.
Overall I’d rate both Sarah and Elite highly. I now feel a safe and confident driver and it’s all thanks to the support and excellent teaching I’ve received. Once again thanks for teaching me!



Female Driving Instructor Hull

Female Driving Instructor Hull
Customer Review from Aaron Douthwaite

Female Driving Instructor Hull

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Sarah; she is a really good driving instructor. She’s calm and patient and really explains everything to you.
I passed my test first time and cannot rate her enough and I highly recommend her to anyone who really wants to learn to drive, once again thanks Sarah for teaching me.