The DVSA’s strategy

The DVSA’s 5 year strategy; Keeping People Safe on Britain’s road


The DVSA has published their 5 year strategy which promises to help drivers and other road users stay safe on Britain’s roads.


The PDF copy of their business plan strategy for 2017 to 2018 can be found here


The guide also offers information on: What their strategy depends on, Supporting road safety, the DVSA’s aims and ambitions, and supporting government policy.


For those of you interested in the DVSA’s business plan for 2017 to 2018 can find information here


Happy reading.




The Driving Instructor Examiner

The Driving Instructor Examiner ‘OK Mr Harris, I can now give you feedback on your Advanced Driving Instructor examination. As you know, I role-played the part of a learner driver who you were instructing. In doing that, I simulated driver errors that a novice might make, and I have assessed you on your responses to…

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ADI part 3 test 2017

ADI part 3 test 2017


Changes to the ADI part 3  instructional assessment will be introduced on 2 October 2017.

The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has announced that the part 3 test will be aligned with the standards check.

The changes are in a bid to improve the standard of training and testing for PDI’s (Potential Driving Instructors).

The existing system of pre-set tests with Examiners in role play exercises, is unrealistic and restrictive  said DVSA’s registrar Mark Magee.

The changes are welcome amongst ADI trainers and will see better prepared instructors able to deliver effective training to students after qualification.

It will also bring the part three in align with the standards check, which will be less confusing for ADI’s.

The DVSA will publish the  new assessment form and accompanying guidance in the next few months.

The main changes that trainees and trainers need to be  aware of are:

  • The same criteria as the standards check will be used with a competency-based assessment.
  • Trainees will be assessed over a single one-hour lesson on the 3 main competencies of lesson planning, risk management and teaching and learning strategies. They will be assessed using the additional 17 sub-competencies set out in the current standards check assessment form and to the national standards of Driver and Rider training.
  • Examiners will no longer be able to role play. Trainees will be required to provide a ‘real’ pupil which could be friends, family members or colleagues, and the lesson will have to reflect their learning goals and needs. This doesn’t have to be a learner, but could be a full licence holder seeking driver development.


We  asked some PDI’s their thoughts about the old system versus the  new one

One trainee instructor said it’s an unfair qualification process! Why after passing the part one theory, and the part two practical do we need the part three test? Surely it would be more beneficial to allow us to gain experience in instructing real pupils and being judged by our ability to provide a level of service that helps each learner develop their knowledge and skills, without old fashioned lingo.

Why do we only get three attempts at the parts 2 and 3 test. A learner driver isn’t restricted to just three attempts. Most people  suffer with nervous and don’t perform well on test, and it takes along time to train and there’s a huge cost to pay for training.

Fair point…

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Female Driving Lessons in Hull

Female Driving Lessons in Hull, Anna Blake

Female Driving Lessons in Hull

Thank you so much again!!!

I really enjoyed your lessons, it was scary at first but you really helped me to get into it and feel secure in driving. They were all different and it was good to go to different places especially ones I don’t know!

You helped to make me feel relaxed and at ease and will always recommend you to people.



The Quote

Grandpa Pabbie

The Quote

As we head into Spring with the hope of good weather, it might be nice to reflect on where you are in your journey of learning to drive and how far you’ve already come.

Of course you might not have actually got started yet, but can’t wait for the day you can.

But for those who are already on their journey you might be looking ahead and dreaming of the possibilities when you’ve passed your test.

Of course you may be thinking right now “But I’m no further ahead than I was last month…..” or even worse: “But I’ve gone backwards……!”

Well if that’s the case, I have hope for you. As Grandpa Pabbie says in the Disney blockbuster FROZEN:

“The heart is not so easily changed, but the head can be persuaded.”

I’m assuming your heart is in the right place (you want to drive right, so why wouldn’t it be). So the head is where the work will need to be done to give you the shift you need to get you to test standard. In fact it’s absolutely key to making the right decisions you need to become a safe driver.

Think about it this way. If there was a simple formula, we wouldn’t need driving instructors.

So success in driving is all about getting the right mindset and the right instructor to help you succeed.

And we can help you with the later…….

“To your success.”



Driving Instructors in Hull

Driving Instructors in Hull, Rosie Phillips

Driving Instructors in Hull

Rosie Phillips

Calm and friendly

Thank you so much! I never wanted to learn to drive, I was always too scared to try. After having my daughter I thought about how much easier life would be if I could, so I finally did it!

My instructor was Stu and from the very first lesson I knew that if anyone could teach me it was him! Stu is so calm and friendly, no matter what happened I felt safe in the car with him sat next to me and I’ll really miss him now I’ve passed.



Driving Instructors Hull Area

Driving Instructors Hull Area, Chloe Rignall

Driving Instructors Hull Area

Chloe Rignall

Made me feel at ease

I decided to go with Elite Driving School after reading recommendations on their website.

Mark has been a fun and knowledgeable driving instructor who make me feel at ease even when nervous or things weren’t going well.

I would definitely recommend them to my friends. Thanks Mark for getting me through it!



Driving Instruction Hull

Driving Instruction Hull, Oliva Charlton (1)

Driving Instruction Hull

Olivia Charlton

I passed first time


I thoroughly enjoyed my driving lessons with Matt, and the process with Elite Driving School was so straight forward and easy. I passed first time and now can’t wait to get a car and never get a bus again!

I would recommend Elite and especially Matt as a driving instructor to anyone as he is an amazing teacher and made me feel so relaxed even at the most stressful time just minutes before my test.

Thank you so much for everything, really appreciate it!!



Driving Courses in Hull

Driving Courses in Hull, Rebecca Creswell

Driving Courses in Hull

Rebecca Cresswell

Fun and enjoyable experience


Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the help and support you have given me whilst learning to drive.

You have made it such a fun and enjoyable experience!

Thank you so much.


Female Driving Lessons in Hull

Female Driving Lessons in Hull, Henry Pell

Female Driving Lessons in Hull

Henry Pell

Lucky to find Elite Driving School.


I was lucky to find Elite Driving School, and even more fortunate to have been allocated Jeannette, who’s skill and experience, guided me from being a complete beginner to passing first time.

I cannot sing Elite’s praises loud enough nor could I recommend them more.