Learning to Drive Successfully

Learning to drive successfully involves making decisions…

When you are learning to drive at some stage you will have to start making your own decisions otherwise you’ll never be confident driving yourself.
There will be times when something happens and you won’t know what to do. But if you learn to rely on your own judgement you’ll find that you can make sensible safe decisions.
Take the picture below for example.


What’s on your mind…Question Do I go or stop?
At the crossing is a young cyclist intent on riding across the road, the driver has made a late decision to stop – this is possibly because he was indecisive, or wasn’t paying attention.
The result could be that following traffic was also caught out and had to also stop suddenly putting people in danger, or the pedestrian had the fright of their life or worse still hit by the driver.
Let’s look at the three choices
Don’t know
Now let’s look at the situation again.
Would you say it’s quite obvious that the cyclist is intending to ride to the other side of the road using the crossing?
What are the rules for a zebra crossing, is it a shared responsibility where pedestrians waits for a driver to stop and let them cross safely, and drivers should be aware that pedestrian are waiting for a safe opportunity to cross?
In your opinion do you think people at a zebra crossing take it for granted that drivers will stop, and that some force that issue by walking out regardless of a drivers intention?
So in the picture do you think the cyclist will ride on to the crossing without thought for the driver, Yes? Then the only logical choice is to first recognise the situation early enough and stop giving way to the pedestrian.
To help you with make the right decisions, make sure you understand the rules of the road, by reading the highway code. Be vigilant when driving and always ask yourself the “What if” question.
Happy safe driving

Business as usual for driving instructor Tim Richards

Driving instructor Tim Richards joins Elite

It’s not often we have plenty of spaces available for customers to book lessons with an almost immediate start date.


But that’s what going to happen in the next few weeks…

It’s frustrating for us when people call to book their driving lessons and we can’t fit them in. What’s worse is we can’t even give them a date when we can.

That’s simply because we have to wait for people passing driving tests for spaces to be created in our instructors diaries.

We never book people in for driving lessons unless we can give them regular weekly lessons.

It’s no use for a student having a lesson one week and the instructor not being able to take them the next. It’s a waste of the student’s time and money.

We know that it’s even harder to find places for customers who can only take their driving lessons in the evening or weekends.

Driving instructors tend to work a maximum of 2 or 3 late nights, and maybe half, or a full day on a weekend.

Like the majority of people that work, driving instructors like their evenings and weekends free to spend with family, but they give up some of that valuable time for people who are not able to take lessons during the day.

I speak to people who ask “why not get some more instructors”. And I tell them honestly, that there’s a shortage of instructors, and it’s very hard to find the right instructors to work with.

But I’m pleased to announce we’ve been very lucky, and have managed to persuade driving instructor Tim Richards to join our team of fantastic male and female driving instructors.

Tim starts with the school on Monday the 8th May, a few days after taking delivery of his brand new Citroen C3 driving tuition vehicle.

Our Office Manager Pauline is ready to take calls from people who live in Tim’s area and who want to book lessons with him.

So if you live in post code areas HU3, HU4, or HU5 and would like to start your driving lessons with Tim, please give Pauline a call on 01482 470151.

But be quick because it won’t be too long before all the spaces in his diary are taken.



Mark Magee talks about Changes to the ADI part 3 test

Mark Magee from the DVSA answers questions regarding the changes to the driving instructor part 3 test   Mark Magee has answered some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the changes to the driving instructor part 3 qualifying test. Mark talks about the impact on training, and how it’s important for instructors to adapt…

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Changes to the Driving Test

Changes to the Driving Test

The driving test is changing with effect from 4 December 2017.


The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has confirmed that the driving test in England, Scotland and Wales will change from Monday 4 December 2017.

The Driving and Vehicles Standards Agency (DVSA) are changing the test to bring it in line with today’s driving environment.

New drivers need to be better equipped with the skills to cope with the modern traffic and road situations.

There are four main changes to the practical driving test, these are as follows:

  1. The independent driving section is due to increase from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. Independent driving means you have to drive without turn by turn instruction from the examiner.

2. The introduction of driving following directions from a Satellite Navigation system (sat nav) will be included in the independent driving section.

The examiner will supply and set up the sat nav, so test candidate don’t need to worry.

3. The good news is two older manoeuvres reversing around a corner and a turn in the road will no longer be in the test, Instead you will be asked to complete one of three reversing manoeuvres.

A) Parallel park at the side of the road

B) Parking in a bay; either by pulling in and reversing out or reversing in and pulling out. The examiner will decide which one you will be doing based on the route.

C) Pull up on the right hand side of the road and reverse for two car lengths and then rejoin the traffic.

You will also be asked a vehicle safety questions whilst driving, which will be from the “show me tell me questions”.

To read the full DVSA report on the changes click here

The cost of the driving test, length and pass marks will remain the same.

You can watch the official DVSA video on the changes by clicking here


#roadsafety #drivingtestchanges


Learning to Drive in Hull

Learning to Drive in Hull


Always put 100% into teaching and made lessons fun


Thank you to Matt for helping me pass my driving test with only 1 minor!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Matt and Elite to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor. Matt was so patient with me throughout every lesson, and always put 100% into teaching and made driving lessons fun. He always found a way to explain something so that it made sense to me if it didn’t the first time.
I am so excited to start driving now, thank you so much!


Hull Female Driving Instructors

Hull Female Driving Instructors

jack smith

Made me feel confident when I was driving


My lessons were very helpful in order to help me pass with no minors. My instructor made it clear how to do certain manoeuvres and how I should prepare myself for them. She also helped me understand the Highway Code more and made me feel confident when I was driving.


How Much Does it Cost for Driving Lessons in Hull

How Much Does it Cost for Driving Lessons in Hull


Made my driving lessons something I looked forward to

I contacted Elite and they arranged my lessons to a suitable time with no hassle at all! Everyone within the franchise is so lovely and made my driving lessons something I looked forward to every week!

I had John McGonagle, a great instructor from Beverley, who made it possible for me to pass first time after only 12 weeks! I was over the moon with my pass and the service I had received from John and Elite.

The payments were simple due to the block bookings that Elite offer and it worked out as great value for money! Once again I would just like to thank John and Elite for a fantastic driving experience!



Female Driving Lessons Hull

Female Driving Lessons Hull


Boosts Your Confidence


I could not recommend this woman any more! She brings so much joy while learning to drive. She’s very informative about everything, does anything she can to help, to make you understand anything you’re struggling with. Always keeps on top of her appointments scheduled with yourself. She keeps you motivated even when you feel like giving up, she boosts your confidence even when you don’t have any yourself.

Learning to drive with Sarah was an absolute delight, and I was thrilled, and happy I got the pleasure of finally finding this woman, could not have wishes for a better driving instructor. An I could not have felt any more confident than I do today after learning with this lovely lady.


Trapped on a Hamster Wheel?

Do you feel like you are trapped on a hamster wheel, spinning in circles and getting deeper into a rut?


Do you feel as though you lack the energy and determination needed to get yourself out of your existing employment?

Do you feel you’re working longer hours at a harder job than before and getting burnt out?

Do you dream of starting your own business and being free of working for the man?

Is it wishful thinking?

If you’re trapped in a sticky situation and desperate to get out, only there’s precious few opportunities on the horizon, you might be looking in the wrong area’s.

To get out of the rut, you might have to think about getting a little out of your comfort zone to start, because what I’m about to show you requires change, but the rewards are worth it.

Let me paint you a picture; Imagine setting your alarm for 8am, jumping out of bed and in to a warm shower.

It’s a beautiful morning so you have breakfast, before setting off to your 9.30 appointment, a mile down the road. The roads are quite because you’ve missed the rush hour traffic.

You arrive at your first appointment and jump into the passenger seat. Your customer arrives and you chat about the aims and objectives of this session.

You drive away, and your customer shows improvement since the last time you met. But you know there’s more to be acheived today if they want to be successful.

You continue helping them improve, and keep them motivated until the day they pass their test, and you rejoice in their achievement.

Just imagine a future of helping others acheive their dreams, and one that will propel their lives and career to a whole new level.

And you know they’ll tell their family and friends about you, and they’ll never forget you.

Become a driving instructor and educate, motivate, help and inspire people to acheive their dream of independence through driving.



Don’t Lose Your Licence

Del Boy Driving Licence

You’ve worked hard to gain your licence with Elite.

What happens if within the first two years of gaining your licence you get 6 points on it?


Your first two years of gaining your licence is a probationary period and if you get 6 points on it, your licence will be revoked. This means that you will have to pay and apply for a new provisional licence and pay and pass both your theory and practical driving tests to once again get a full licence.


It is also worth a mention that the new law which was brought in on the 1st March 2017 means that motorists caught using a mobile phone whilst driving are liable to 6 points on their licence plus a £200.00 fine.


Our advice is to stick to the speed limits and put your mobile phones out of reach whilst driving to eliminate any temptation to pick them up, why go through all that hard work to gain your licence, to have it taken away again and then have to start all over again.


#drivinglicence #safety