Why Learning to Drive at the Age of 17 is Better

It’s quite normal now for the younger generation to learn to drive as soon as they can. It is actually a really good idea. So, if you are 17, or are wanting to get someone driving lessons, here are some reasons why learning to drive when your younger, is easier. It has been found in…

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What’s so Great About Passing Your Driving Test?

What’s so great about passing your Driving Test and getting a car?

My answer: What’s not great about getting a car?

Sure it’s a lot of money for insurance and car tax, and of course the actual car itself, but there is something so thrilling about going to find your first car.

I remember going to view my first car. We found it on Auto Trader, and it was a little Renault Clio. We drove all the way across Hull to a farm in the middle of nowhere, and this little car was just sat there. It was rusty, dirty, and not in a good condition, but frankly, I didn’t care. The Id inside my brain made me want it, and want it right now.

It was like waking up on Christmas day, to discover everything I’ve ever wanted – even if it was total trash.

However, my dad told me that it was awful and urged me that we would find something better, and therefore, I left in total disappointment at not leaving there with a car.

We looked around for weeks to find something better for me, we ventured out of Hull, across the Bridge and nearly all the way to York, and then, when I had lost a lot of hope, I found it. It was a black Renault Clio ’05 plate, and a 1.2 litre, in great condition.

I had to wait a week for it to be MOT’d but the day I picked it up, was a day I’d never forget.

I went straight to Morrison’s to get petrol, and whilst there also bought 3 air fresheners, wash rags, and de-icer (it was the end of April, and I don’t know what I was thinking).

It was a Thursday Morning and before college started, I went to show my Grandparents, who were so impressed. (I felt so grown up).

And then driving into college was the best. I texted my friends to meet me at the gates, so we could ‘walk in’ together, and I will never forget their faces as the saw me drive into the gates into my brand new (well, brand new to me) car. It was such a proud feeling. I was the first one of my friends to learn to drive, and the first one to get a car, and I therefore, felt so popular. That lunch time, we drove to McDonalds to celebrate which was so much fun. I finally felt grown up.

3 and a half years later and I have the same car, which I love to bits, even if it is getting a bit old. But I don’t think there will ever be any better car than my first, no matter what I get next. I love cars and know that I would love something a bit more upmarket like a BMW or an Audi, but I just don’t think I will ever love any car as much as my first.

So to conclude, this nostalgic story, the excitement of both finding a car and actually buying a car are memories that I would never replace.

The freedom I had, and still have, the joy of taking my friends to maccies for lunch, and that feeling of adulthood is a really something I would never change. The likely hood is, that for your first car, you’re going to get something pretty basic. But it’s the quirks of the car that make it irreplaceable, the annoying times when it didn’t start, the time that it wasn’t very quick on the motorway. But I would not have changed this for the world.

My Clio has provided me with some hilarious stories, no longer having to get a bus for half an hour into town, and the ability to go where I want, when I want.

All these things, are why getting a car is so great.

Driving Test Changes You Need to Know About

If you didn’t know already, the UK driving test is changing from the 4th December 2017 (not a very nice Christmas present, is it?). We are updating you with the most recent changes made by the DVSA. It was released on the 13th September 2017, that there would be revised changes to the ‘Show me’…

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