Why learning to drive through the winter months can have it’s advantages!

We spend almost SIX months each year commuting in the dark

So, learning to drive through the winter months brings new challengers, and it’s better to learn them with a professional instructor, than being dropped in at the deep end.

It’s official summer has ended and the dark nights are drawing in. We can’t change the seasons, they happen every year.

And, although the best time to learn to drive is when the day’s are the longest, you’ll gain more new skills and knowledge learning through the Autumn and winter months.

October starts the shorter daylight hours with sunrise at 7am and sunset at 6.30pm.

In November the sun rises at 8am and sets at 5.30pm, and December is the shortest daylight time with the sun rise at 8.501am and setting at 4.50pm.

It’s not until March when we start to see the days getting longer with sun rises starting at 8am, and setting at 6.45pm, which then leads into those lovely long days of sunlight.

So, if your seventeenth birthday falls between October and March, don’t be put off learning to drive in the autumn & winter months because driving in these conditions will provide you with new challengers that you might not otherwise experience during spring and summer.

And if you learn and pass your driving test in the winter, you’ve got 6 months of summer to look forward to!


Free driving lessons throughout the summer…

Free driving lessons, and a fast and easy learning system that can save you money


Passing your driving test is an awesome part of life and the opportunities a driving licence is going to give you will blow your mind, from weekend road trips to access to better paid jobs, that’s why everyone needs a driving licence.

We are starting our new campaign ready for summer. We’re always striving to add more value to our service by offering our learners more support and freebies, and this summer were even giving away free driving lessons.

Free driving lessons this summer for elite learners

But is there a safe and practical way to learn faster following our easy system, which will improve your chance of passing first time while also bringing down the cost of taking driving lessons and getting your licence?

To be a successful learner requires nothing more than a good lesson structure, and we’ve put our years of experience in to making sure our learners know exactly what’s required to successfully get their full drivers licence.

When you start with an Elite instructor we will give you a host of freebies to help you learn smart and bring the cost of learning down.

You’ll get Free unlimited access to theory test pro to help prepare for the theory test.

You can also get access to Elite’s driving action plan to help prepare for  lessons.

Our instructors can give parents valuable tips and advice for private practice, and we can recommend reputable insurance companies for daily, weekly or even monthly learner insurance on the family car.

During summer elite learners will also be given the opportunity to get some extra free driving lessons, terms and conditions apply of course, so ask your elite instructor for information.

Who doesn’t want to learn to drive, and the summers the best time to start.

And until you can drive you won’t know what your missing.

So, call the office today and book your first lesson, you’re going to love it.

If it’s out of office hours use our book online system and a team member will arrange your first lesson click here 

Hurry, and you can get a chance to bag some free driving lessons as well as all the other goodies we’re giving away this summer to help you pass your driving test.

Driving lesson Price guide

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Free driving lessons with a College bursary

20 hours of free driving lessons for Ron Dearing UTC Students

It’s hard to imagine that you could get a bursary for 20 hours of free driving lessons from your college, but that’s exactly what’s on offer for students at Hull college Ron Dearing UTC

Students at the college are able to apply for the bursary which is worth 20 hours of free driving lessons with Elite Driving School.

The scheme has been funded by Ron Dearing’s partner businesses and promoted by the college’s employer sponsors, who believe that being able to drive is a key skill and advantage for young people who may want to join them in the future.

To be eligible, students must have at least 95 per cent attendance, be on target with their studies and have passed their driving theory test.

That’s a huge benefit when they start lessons with an Elite instructor because they already have reasonable knowledge of road markings, road signs, and the highway code.

Ron Dearing celebrate the launch of their unique driving lesson bursary

Getting started is easy

Student apply for the bursary, then they call Elite driving school to arrange their lessons, it’s that simple.

There are families that struggle to pay or contribute towards driving lessons for their children, so the bursary contributes a huge chunk towards learning.

Alistair, is one of the students who’s on the bursary, and knows that having a full driving licence as part of his skillset will help improve his employment prospects and make it easier for him to get to and from work.

The 17-year-old said: “It’s going well. I’m driving here, there and everywhere. I’ve not really had time to save up for lessons but this has given me a head start on things.

Elite Driving School team up with Ron Dearing UTC to offer free driving lessons to students
Alistair Sceats is making the most of the free driving lessons being offered (Image: Karl Andre Photography Ltd 2019)

Alistair’s instructor Steve said “he’s a natural, & picking up driving at a fast pace.” He added, “Alistair has only had 6 lessons but he’s already a very considerate driver.

We’re excited to help the students at Ron Dearing UTC learn to drive, with their unique offer of 20 free diving lessons.

The free driving lessons will massively contribute towards these students becoming safe and responsible drivers.

Many young people dream of the day they turn 17 and being able to drive. They can’t wait to get their first car, it’s so exciting, and it’s their first step to independence.

Do you remember your first car?

How many people remember naming their first car?  Mine was called Gimpy, because of it’s gimpy gold color.

What name did you give your car, and do you still name your cars today?



I’m sorry to tell you that…

…you haven’t passed your test today.

How many people have heard those words when they took their driving test for the first time?

A BBC driving expert (?!) has said that it’s easier to pass your test if you take it in a rural area, as you learn routes in a more predictable environment – compared with a more urban area where you face multiple hazards and have to make decisions faster.

Figures from DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) show that, while the average pass rate is 47.1%, you were almost 15% more likely to fail if you took the test in Belvedere, Bexley – something that some people actually put down to the examiners (they’re too quiet, apparently!), rather than the roads.

Unpredictable roads, grumpy examiners, unsympathetic motorists, a particularly ballsy squirrel – whatever.

These aren’t the problem!

Truth is, passing your test really comes down to a combination of practice and nerves – both of which are in the control of the student.

It’s all too often that I hear people say that they can only afford a handful of lessons and then want to sit a driving test, or they’ll only need 10 to 15 hours because they learn quickly.

But, then they here the words no learner wants to hear …you haven’t passed your test today.

You just can’t short cut practice and hope you’ll scrape through.

And yes, some people are natural drivers and do learn quicker than most, but they listen to their instructors advice before jumping in head first and booking a driving test.

Driving tests are a challenging, and an uncomfortable place for learners, but those who pass, especially at their first attempt have had enough practice with a professional instructor, they’ve learned their theory, and they’ve managed to keep their nervous under control.

So, if you’re contemplating booking your driving test, speak with your driving instructor first and listen to their advise, their are generally right.

Have a great week.


Why Learning to Drive at the Age of 17 is Better

It’s quite normal now for the younger generation to learn to drive as soon as they can. It is actually a really good idea. So, if you are 17, or are wanting to get someone driving lessons, here are some reasons why learning to drive when your younger, is easier. It has been found in…

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Driving Test Changes You Need to Know About

If you didn’t know already, the UK driving test is changing from the 4th December 2017 (not a very nice Christmas present, is it?). We are updating you with the most recent changes made by the DVSA. It was released on the 13th September 2017, that there would be revised changes to the ‘Show me’…

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Who is Demanding Your Attention?

Who is demanding your attention?


What can be so important that they are asking you to commit suicide?

Despite the new tougher penalties that were brought into effect on 1st March, figures show that more than 200 drivers a day were caught using mobile phones at the wheel within those first four weeks.

Let me repeat that: 200 drivers a DAY were caught using their mobiles…

Just a few seconds distracted could have severe consequences for you or an innocent bystander.


Turn off your mobile phone when getting into your car or shield it, you can buy a signal blocker that only costs a few pounds, it’s a phone pouch made from soft, hard wearing material that you place your mobile phone into and it blocks all signals taking away all driving distractions, whilst your mobile phone is protected from scratches or damage.

As soon as you remove your phone from the pouch all the missed calls and message notifications will appear on your screen and you can then deal with them when you are parked up and safe to do so.

The next call or text you take whilst at the wheel could be killing you or someone that you know.

Can you live with that thought?


Turn off your mobile, and stay safe


#whoisdemandingyourattention #distracteddriving


The Trouble with Driving Lessons

The Trouble with Driving Lessons

The Trouble with booking driving lessons is that people can’t get the times and days that they want. The fact is people are are having to wait quite a few weeks before starting driving lessons. This is partly due to the high demand for driving lessons and the dwindling number of driving instructors.

When booking driving lessons if the driving school or the instructor you are talking to are able to find a space, ask them if that is going to be a regular lesson every week. Quite often they will book you in for lessons that are only temporary spaces which means that you will end up back at the start.

I’ve heard people say any lessons are better than no lessons but that can lead to the learn and forget scenario, because leaving big gaps between lessons results in the student forgetting what was learnt, and this can be quite a costly exercise.

So get them to commit to giving you at least one regular lesson every week.

It’s a bad time for learner drivers who are wanting to book and start lessons immediately. But I feel especially sorry for those people who are available for driving lessons after 4pm or weekends, because of work commitment.

It’s also a bad time for driving schools. It’s soul destroying when they know that every phone call answered is going to result in another disappointed customer. As hard as we try it’s impossible to fit people into spaces that just don’t exist.

It can be very frustrating for people calling one driving school after another, for either lessons for themselves or a family member, and not getting anywhere. They just can’t understand why they can’t start learning this week.

We understand their frustration, but unfortunately when an instructor’s diary is full, they will generally be full for weeks in advance because they will have the same people booked in until they pass their driving test.

Our advice:

Don’t aimlessly ring around without leaving your details. Get your name on a every list you can, because it might just be a short time before someone can fit you in for driving lessons.

While you are waiting book a theory test date and start practising, we recommend using study material from the DVSA or Theory Test Pro.

One last word of advice:

Try to find a regular space each week that you can take driving lessons, so when you find someone that can take you for those lessons ask them to commit to booking you in for the same space for 5/6 weeks in advance.



Driving Lessons – Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice, Practice, Practice

Learning to drive is the same as any other skill, the more consistent practice you get, the better you get. Practice makes perfect as the saying goes providing that is, that the practice follows a sound structure and that it’s with the right type of teacher.

Taking time out of practice is never a good thing but necessary at some times during the year.

Summer holidays are one of those times where driving lessons become interrupted whilst both students and instructors take their annual holidays. It’s inevitable. Many people live for those few weeks of paradise.

Although holidays can knock your progress back slightly – taking long breaks or constantly missing driving lessons will almost certainly put a halt on any sort of progress.

Imagine an Olympic athlete missing lots of sessions from a busy training schedule. Do you think they will be ready and at their peak performance when it comes to competing for a medal in the games.

Driving Lessons

Learning to drive is no different, long breaks between driving lessons will set your progress back, and it will take you longer to learn, and it will cost you a lot more money.

So my advice is respect your time, don’t miss driving lessons, commit to practice and you will be a qualified driver before you know it.













Learner Drivers on Motorways Consultation

The DVSA consultation which plans to allow learner drivers to take driving lessons on Britain’s motorways ends on the 17th February 2017.

The consultations suggests that learner drivers will be allowed to take motorway driving lessons as long as they are accompanied by an approved driving instructor, in a car fitted with dual controls.

The DVSA suggest that motorway tuition will help better prepare drivers, and will allow learners to:

  • get a broader driving experience before taking their driving test.
  • get training on how to join and leave the motorway, also including how to overtake and use lanes correctly.
  • Practice driving at higher speeds
  • put their theoretical knowledge in practice.

Motorway lessons would be voluntary. It would be up to the ADI to decide when the student is competent enough to have a motorway lesson.

Source DVSA

To read more about the changes CLICK HERE 


You can also give your views on learner on motorways CLICK HERE

This consultation asks for views on whether learner drivers should be allowed to take driving lessons on motorways while:

  • accompanied by a fully-qualified approved driving instructor
  • in a car which has dual-controls

It also asks for views on whether the driving instructor training and testing system needs to be changed for them to provide motorway lessons.



Please also share your thoughts with us, I’m very interested in your comments.


#learnerdriversonmotorways, #learnerdrivers