If just the thought starts your pulse racing I’ve got good news for you!

If just the thought starts your pulse racing I’ve got good news for you!


How are you feeling right now? Where is your mindset at?

I’m asking because if you’ve got any kind of worry, fear, or negative thoughts in your mind right now, they’re going to be sabotaging your decision to start learning to drive.

You’re also not going to recognise the opportunities available to you when you have a full licence.

The ability to drive lets people see parts of the world they otherwise wouldn’t, do jobs they otherwise couldn’t, and see family and friends more often.

Imagine that feeling of WOW and how AMAZING your life will be the day that you pass your driving test.

Yet, those days where you’re feeling worried or fearful are holding you back from learning a skill that will bring you so much pleasure for all of your life.

One super-quick high-vibe activity you can do right now is to play your favourite song, and for the duration of the song, sing and dance along – really go for it.

Then go and find the right driving instructor to help you Learn to drive, and I’ll guarantee you’ll quickly drop any worries or fears that have been holding you back, and I’ll go as far as to say you’ll even enjoy the experience and look forward to each lesson.

That’s why we offer our fabulous “TRY US” deals so that you can find an instructor you feel safe, confident and gel with.

So the next time doubts cross your mind remember, getting a full driving licence is your passport to freedom, and it will open the doors to a world full of possibilities:

What will you do when you get yours?



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Car Driving Instructors Hull

Car Driving Instructors Hull
Congratulations to Charlotte Inchbold Abbey for passing her driving test on the 21st of November 2016

Car Driving Instructors Hull

Well done to Charlotte on a fantastic test pass with Elite Driving School.


Charlotte had a brilliant drive to gain her independence and is lucky to already have a car sat waiting for her.

Hope everything goes well and that you get to go to University next year.

Good luck and best wishes for the future from Driving Instructor Angus Parker and the Team at Elite.

To see other Elite Test passes Click on the following link:


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Driving Lessons For Beginners in Hull

Driving Lessons For Beginners in Hull
Congratulations to Sam James for passing his driving test on the 16th of November 2016

Driving Lessons for Beginners in Hull

Well done to Sam on a fantastic drive giving him a FIRST time test pass with Elite Driving School.


I helped Sam’s sister to pass her test a few years ago so it was lovely to support Sam to do the same.

Sam already has his own car so is ready to be on the roads and I know how much this will help Sam with work and seeing friends etc as he lives quite rurally!

Well done again Sam!!!

All the best from Driving Instructor James Foston and the Team at Elite.

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Driving School for Beginners in Hull

Driving School For Beginners in Hull
Congratulations to Nichola Harrison for passing her driving test on the 15th of November 2016

Driving School for Beginners in Hull

Well done to Nichola on a fantastic FIRST time test pass with only three minor driving faults.

A brilliant pass due to a lot of pressure to pass due to University commitments but she has just been given a car and is raring to go.

I will miss our lessons with all the rugby chat. All the best for the future from Driving Instructor Mark Yeaman and the Team at Elite Driving School.

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Best Deal For Driving Lessons Hull

Best Deal For Driving Lessons Hull, Ben Farren
Congratulations to Ben Farren for passing his driving test on the 11th of November 2016

Best Deal For Driving Lessons Hull

Well done to Ben on a fantastic test pass with only four minor driving faults.

Ben was a real pleasure to teach, always worked hard and rarely cancelled his lessons. Now he is looking forward to getting his brothers car fixed and ready to drive.

All the best for the future from Driving Instructor Mark Yeaman and the Team at Elite Driving School.

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Driving and Driving

Driving in a straight line…

I was watching a lad getting a golf lesson from the local course pro today.

The pro ask him to hit the golf ball with his driver (the driver is the biggest club in a golfers bag, and the one that makes the ball go further). The lad lined up club to ball and then with an almighty swing sent the ball flying in the wrong direction.

The golf pro immediately diagnosed the problem. He said you need to focus on your set up, and continued to show him how to stand and address the ball correctly. He then adjusted his swing, and just a few shots later the lad was hitting the ball long and straight.

That got me  thinking about driving a car. Now I know it’s nothing like hitting a golf ball, but my point is that if your set up is wrong (cockpit drill), then your control over the car will suffer.

For example if your seating position is too far back you’ll have to stretch to reach the pedals, resulting in pulling the steering wheel when depressing the clutch.

If your seat is too far forward your legs will catch the steering wheel, and you may struggle to move your feet on the pedals.

So next time you start a lesson, take time and care to set your seating position so that you are the correct distance from the pedals, and that your mirrors are lined up correctly.

Happy cock-pit drill day…

Big smiles and bad places to park

For Driving instructors who use social media for business…


I got to work at my usual Tuesday morning time of 8.30. I turned on my computer to see a few test pass photo’s that had been sent through by our instructors from the night before.

We love to see happy people after passing their driving test, it’s such a big achievement for them, and important that we record that event on their behalf.

In the past if we’ve missed the opportunity to get a test pass snap, or failed to post it on facebook, we have had calls from parents asking where’s the picture of their son or daughter.

Obviously, some people are camera shy, but for most they have grown up with their profile on the web and welcome the chance of a good photo opportunity.

Any way Mrs O walked in at 9am, and she’s the one responsible for making sure that test pass pictures look good before they’re posted online.

And she is very articulate!

Mrs O doesn’t miss a trick, and she’s quick to spot a problem with a picture, which is why she’s the only one we trust to post-test passes.

Mrs O’s got a file full of photo’s that she uses from the internet to show our instructors the do’s and don’ts when taking a student’s picture.

One of which shows a student smiling holding her test pass certificate, with the tuition vehicle parked on double yellows!

I’ve heard instructor’s ask what’s the problem with that!

Mrs O points out that sharing a picture on social media networks of a driving school car parked on double yellows is not congruent with the image a driving school should be promoting.

Now I appreciate that the lines might be out of time of operation, but it still doesn’t look good on a photo.

“It’s the details that make the difference” so my advice is to have guidelines for pictures and check that they comply before you post them. Once you’ve pressed the button it’s too late if there’s something wrong with a picture.


How to improve you chance of passing your driving test first time…

Here are 4 ways to help you prepare for the driving test day.

When you pass your driving test you are guaranteed happiness at the turn of a key, because it’s your gateway to independence and freedom from public transport and waiting on others for lifts


1: Turn up as your best self:

A positive attitude is essential to building your confidence. People say fear prevents them from feeling confident. But you don’t need to be fearful of learning to drive with a professional who has taught hundreds of people to drive, because their job is to allow you to practice while at the same time keeping you and others safe.


2: Be prepared:

Be on time and in the right place for your lessons. If you’re late or you haven’t clearly communicated your pick-up point to your instructor, much of your lesson time will be lost. And rushing around like a headless chicken isn’t good preparation to the start of a lesson.

It goes without saying that most instructors will have a system to record your lesson time and learning history. You will also have a copy of your driver’s record, so check it often, keep it in good order, and take it with you to every lesson

3: Little steps:

Some people feel disappointed with themselves when a lesson hasn’t gone as well as they expected. But remember that you are learning a new skill and things aren’t always going to be right immediately. You will need practice and guidance until you can commit a new skill to memory. Each lesson your knowledge and skill will improve, it might only be a small improvement, but small improvements lead to a huge change, and before long you will be driving under your own steam.


4: Set Goals and achieve them.

A)      Set time aside to study the theory. The greater your understanding about driving, the more aware you will be when you get behind the wheel.

B)      Listen closely to the information from your instructor and ask frequent questions to improve your awareness of what you are being taught until it sticks.

C)      You should have a date in mind when you would like to pass your test by. Tell your instructor about your goal and ask them if it’s achievable. Then decide on a plan between you, and ask your instructor to make you accountable for its attainment.

Book your theory and driving tests links:

Theory test: https://www.gov.uk/book-theory-test

Driving test: https://www.gov.uk/book-driving-test




Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons

We are getting so many people wanting to start lessons immediately and being disappointed because they can’t get an instructor.
I totally understand that everyone wants to start immediately. The problem is that most instructors have a full diary of customers who are taking lessons every week, which means the only time they can fit in new customers is when someone passes a driving test, which then creates a regular weekly place.
Our busy office team hate saying NO but my advice is to get your name down on our waiting list to avoid disappointment. And although they will work tirelessly to get you in quickly, you should be expecting a wait of between a week to one month before one of our instructors can fit you in for regular lessons.

Please call Pauline on 01482 772329 or email your details to pauline@elite-driving-school.co.uk


Show Me Tell me


Show Me Tell Me Section of the Driving Test

Following on from our questions on the Show me Tell me part of the #drivingtest, if the examiner asked:
Tell me where you would find the information for the recommended tyre pressures for this car and how tyre pressures should be checked.

How would you answer this one?

You just need to say you would look in the car’s user manual, which your driving instructor will probably tell you is in the glove box.

Explain that you would check the tyre pressure with a reliable pressure gauge, making sure the tyres are cold to get an accurate reading. You should also say that you would check the spare tyre too.