Preparing for your first driving lesson

Your first driving lesson is fast approaching and you want to be as prepared as you can be for this pivotal moment in your life.

Before you begin, the most important thing is to acquire a provisional license which can be bought on the website.

Below, you can find tips that will be sure to help you prepare for your first driving lesson, without the nerves!


There is the recommendation to those who have never driven before to take a lap or two around an empty car park, for a confidence boost. However, ensure you are insured and have a set of L plates and are accompanied by an experienced, qualified driver.


One of the best things to do prior to your first lesson is to get a good night’s rest – you will be much more comfortable with a good night’s sleep under your belt.

Eat well

Don’t put off eating because of nerve, a rumbling stomach will prove to be extremely distracting.

Dress comfortably

Dress comfortably for your first driving lesson, wearing loose fitting clothes and sensible shoes, meaning no heels, platforms, or flips flops.

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Before you start driving

Prior to taking the next step and beginning your driving lessons.

The minimum age in the UK to start driving lessons is 17. However, those that want to start driving should be in possession of a UK provisional license issued by the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency).

Provisional license

The initial step is to acquire a provisional license. If a person wanted to begin their driving lessons as soon as they turned 17, it is possible to apply for a provisional license three months before that person’s 17th birthday. It will arrive before their birthday but will not be valid until that day.

If a person is entitled to mobility allowance, they can apply for their provisional license at the age of 16.


Another step to consider would be to take up some essential reading either during your driving lessons or before you begin them. The Highway Code is recommended, along with preparing for your hazard perception and driving theory to ensure you are well equipped with the right knowledge for your tests. There’s a variety of resources available on the internet.

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Passing your driving test quicker

Learning to drive is an exciting time for anyone.

It’s natural for those that are eager to begin driving to want to pass as soon as possible and get out there.

Below, we’ve listed some steps that have the potential to cut down the overall length of your working process.


Apply for your provisional licence early as it will take roughly three weeks for it to be processed by the DVLA and then extra time for your licence to be delivered. Some may opt to apply for their provisional two months prior to turning 17.

If you send off your application early, you will be able to begin your driving lessons soon after your birthday.

Learn your theory

Along with applying early for your provisional licence, you may want to learn the highway code which will help with your Theory Test. You will then have a full understanding of procedures on the road, the signs and the markings you will come across when you are learning to drive.

Bump up your hourly lessons

Driving lessons are often split into one-hour sessions, however, it is considered to be advantageous to designate up to two hours of driving training per lesson. If you do manage to extend your hours to a couple of two-hour sessions could potentially reduce the overall learning time scale.

A disadvantage of only having a one-hour lesson is there not being enough time to fully learn a subject and practice it, whereas two-hour lessons will give you that extra time.

Keep practicing

By having your car that is used for learning insured, you will be able to practice the routines and subjects learned in your driving lessons. This will be useful to avoid repetitive sessions. There are manoeuvres that will need to be practiced often to perfect, where your insured car will come in handy.

Keep in mind that you must always be accompanied by a full licence holder that is over the age of 21 and has 3+ experience in driving and display learner plates at the front and rear of the vehicle.

Practical test

The time will come when your instructor believes you are almost there regarding taking your test. It is advisable to consult your local test centre seeking out the current waiting times for booking a practical test. It’s possible that you could be waiting weeks, even months thus meaning this extra time will lengthen how long it takes for you to pass your test. Discuss a suitable booking time with your instructor which can allow for a wise use of the waiting period between then and the day of your driving test to finish your training.

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Intensive driving course benefits

Many modern driving schools now offer the option of intensive driving lessons available.

Due to the eligibility for certain jobs, or just needing a car for a specific reason – intensive courses may be the option for someone who needs to learn to drive within a limited amount of time.
Modern schools meet these needs, not only providing a quicker time frame to learn to drive, but with the same amount of quality and integrity.

With intensive driving lessons, you choose when you would like to pass and we will set that goal and hopefully reach it.

Elite Driving can teach you to drive in 7 days on one our Intensive Driving Courses, or, if it’s more convenient, it can be spread across 2 to 10 weeks on one of our fast pass Route 66 driving courses.

Please visit our website to view all of our driving courses available and we can help you decipher the best course for you.

Driving Lessons Hedon

Driving lessons Hedon, Jessica CheesemanCongratulations to Jessica Cheeseman from Hedon who passed her driving test on her first attempt on the 4th March 2015.

Jessica did especially well to beat the nerves and have a great drive.

Jessica already has her own car and is all ready to get on the roads!

Happy driving Jessica best wishes for the future from driving instructor James Fosten and the team at Elite driving School

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Importance of going to a driving school

Obtaining a driving license is a great achievement for a young person; they now have that extra freedom to explore, although along with it comes responsibilities.

A driving school will offer that little bit of extra help to process these big step, and here are a few factors to consider attending a driving school prior to trying for your driver’s license:

Comfort – It can be a daunting and awkward feeling sitting behind the wheel for the first time; a driving school will help eliminate that feeling and make students feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Techniques – Driving schools are also a great way to learn the proper techniques of driving and quell bad habits that could get prospective drivers in trouble on the road.

Confidence – Confidence behind the wheel is another hurdle to overcome, but with practice, and comfort, a student’s confidence should develop.

Insurance – It is possible to save on insurance if you show your insurance company proof you attended an accredited driving school and passed.

Preparation – Along with being prepared to drive, you will be prepared to face all of the possible issues and situations you may face when on the road.

Road Rules – Good driving schools will aid their students in learning and understanding road laws and rules.

Foundation – A driving school can also help a prospective driver build a solid foundation of skills and knowledge that can and will be utilised for their time on the road.

Reduction of accidents – The experience a student gains from attending a driving school and through the education will give a better understanding to driving as a whole, what to do in tough situations – these lessons will be vital in the future to avoid accidents.

Learning to drive is a wonderful experience but should always be taken seriously!
Smart Driving can offer you that, please visit our website for further information.

5 top tips to passing your theory test

Driving School YorkHow can you prepare for your theory test?

Driving is one of the most daunting tasks a young adult can take on, yet with enough practice it can unlock the world of opportunity that comes with driving a car. New jobs, road trips and adventures are all to be found when you have the luxury of a car. Before you can even consider taking your practical driving test, you must first pass your theory. If you’ve been having driving lessons in York or Hull with Elite Driving School, you should be more than prepared to excel in your test. A theory test is the first major leap towards a driving license, so follow our top 5 tips that we’ve got for you in order to achieve road success.

Notice all of the hazard signs

A theory test is built up of a number of multiple choice questions over a fifty minute time period. When you’re done with the multiple choice section of the test, you’ll arrive at the hazard perception side of things. This is made up from a series of video clips that host a number of different driving hazards, as these can all happen in your driving experiences.

In order to make sure you’re prepared, you can visit a number of websites where you can practise road and pavement scanning, which will allow you to identify any potential hazards that you may need to suddenly break for in order to avoid an accident.

Keep practicing

When it comes to learning a new subject, there’s no better alternative than putting in the hours needed to learn everything there is to do with the topic. The test questions are all at random, so it’s important to remember that you must get a good handle on the subject in order to answer any of the questions listed in the Theory Test Handbook, something that holds around 1000 questions!

The passing guidelines of the theory test are a minimum of 44 out of 75 on the Hazard Perception test and 43 out of 50 on the multiple choice section of the test.

Books, books and more books!

As you’ll be having driving lessons through the Hull area with our incredibly experienced instructors, you should pick up good habits to take forward into your driving test. Unfortunately, not all of these can transfer to your theory test.

You can buy a number of books in order to practice for your test and the good news is that there’s a book produced by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) called the Theory Test Handbook. This book is vital to any new learner, being packed full of useful tips and practice questions.

There’s extra time to practice…

Before your test begins, you’ll get an extra 15 minutes to get used to the touch screen on which you’ll take your theory test. Use this time to get a feel of the questions layout and if something doesn’t work properly, let someone know before your test rather than during.

Sit a mock exam

Do you think you’re prepared to sit your theory test? All of your driving lessons with your instructor will get you only so far.

There are a number of mock tests that you can sit, all of which reflect the questions that you’ll likely encounter on your exam.

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Driving lessons

 Driving lessons

This is Rebecca from Sutton, who's a happy bunny after passing her driving test on th 15th October 2014

Wahay… Well done Rebecca Louise Norrison for passing your driving test at the first attempt on the 15th October 2014.

I know you struggled with your nerves which had put you off driving in the past, but you got it together and decided to go for it. And in just 17 hours of driving lesson you passed your test.

You’ve been a brilliant student, and I know how much benefit you’ll gain from getting your full driving licence. I hope you get the car you dream of, and then you can go visit your mum.

Best wishes fro driving instructor James Fosten

How to prepare for your first driving lesson

Driving school York

If you want to be driving as quick as possible, you’re obviously going to need to achieve your driving test at the earliest available time. In order to do this, you need to prepare for your first driving lesson. Nobody wants to book their first lessons without remembering to get their provisional licence, or if they can’t attend the appointments.

Before your start your driving lessons, be sure that you’ve completed the following tasks:

Have your provisional licence

Did you know: You can actually apply for your provisional three months ahead of your 17th birthday, which allows you time to get your licence sorted before you can start driving at 17. It’s also notable that if you’re disabled and you receive mobility allowance, you can apply for your provisional at 16.

You can either apply for your provisional through the post or more conveniently you can apply on
line here.

Get some practice

If you have zero experience of driving, you should consider getting a small amount of practice in before taking driving lessons. If you have a fully qualified driver in the car with you, there’s nothing wrong in having a quick drive around an empty car park, as this will do wonders for your overall driving confidence.

Be sure that you have the correct insurance in place and you have a set of L-plates displayed on your vehicle.

Get some rest

A good night’s sleep is a MUST when you’re attempting to prepare for your driving lesson. Try and wake up at least an hour before the lesson begins, as this will give your body time to catch up with itself. You’ll find the lesson more engaging when you have higher levels of concentration through being well rested.

Avoid alcohol

Although this is in here for obvious reasons, you should avoid any form of alcohol the night before taking lessons. You’ll need a clear mind to take in all of the information from the lesson. Also, driving with considerable levels of alcohol in your system is illegal.

Make sure you eat well

Nerves can affect all of us differently, but make sure that yours don’t put you off eating breakfast. The last thing you’ll need on your lesson is a grumbling stomach to take your attention off the road.

Dress sensibly

We recommend that dressing in comfortable/sensible clothing for your driving lessons is important. You don’t need to dress up and wearing some comfortable clothes will help relax you. Sensible shoes are a must: no high heels, wedges or flip flops.

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