First time driving test pass for Jamie Pickering

First time driving test pass for Jamie Pickering, he nailed it from the start and never looked back!


A Huge Congratulations to Jamie Pickering for passing his driving test first time on Friday 24th January 2020 with just two minor faults!!
The 24th January is a day Jamie will always remember as the day he earned his wheels.

Elite instructor Rob Caton said: Jamie got a really demanding test route but definitely rose to the challenge and passed with flying colours!!
Well done matey and thanks for the huge jar of humbugs!!
My students know what I like!!
We would like to wish Jamie a happy safe driving future from all the team at Elite Driving School


What does passing the driving test mean to you?

Passing the driving test is a big milestone in most people lives, and it opens their world up to a whole lot of possibilities.


Jack Hadfield passed the driving test on Monday 28th September 2019, a date he’ll never forget.

passing the driving test
Congratulations to Jack Hadfield

Jack passed the driving test with just one minor fault from an otherwise clean sheet, which was an excellent result.

Jack has a car sat waiting in his drive ready for him to drive, so the pressure to pass was on, and cool Jack didn’t disappoint.

Jack’s at the university and will soon get a placement which means he can drive himself rather than wait on other to get him there.

That’s just one of the many benefits Jack’s got to look forward to for many years to come.

So, if you want to join Jack and get your full driving licence, then book your driving lessons with an Elite driving instructor, and you’ll be driving before you know it.




Do you dream of passing the driving test?

For many of our students passing the driving test became a reality in September 2019.

We would like to congratulate all of our customers for passing the driving test in September.

Below are just a few of those that we managed to grab a photo of to witness this amazing achievement.

The others where sooooo excited that we couldn’t get keep up with them to get a good picture. ūüôā

But, there’s one thing you can be certain of, and that is they are going to have more fun, more opportunity, and a better quality of life from being able to drive.

Megan Brown passed her driving test 19th September 2019 with the help of Elite instructor Mark Langton

Megan passed first time, even after a challenging test route. Megan coped  very well and had a superb drive.

assing the driving test megan brown
Megan Brown


Chris Annis passed his driving test 18th September 2019 with the help of Elite instructor Stuart McClean

It was Chris’s first attempt at the driving test and he had a great drive with just a couple of minor marks.

His brother Ben passed with us a couple of years ago so Chris came to us on recommendation.

Passing the driving test chris annis
Chris Annis


Jakob Orlowski passed his driving test 27th September 2019 with the help of Elite instructor Phil Harrison

Jakob passed with just one minor fault on an otherwise perfect drive from a very conscientious driver.

passing the driving test Jakob Orlowski
Jakob Orlowski


Amanda Gould passed her driving test September 2019 with the help of Elite instructor Phillip Hardcastle.

Amanda passed her driving test at the first attempt after a very competent drive.

Amanda said having a driving license will be really helpful to her, because now she can drive herself to and from work, so she will no longer have to ask people for a lift or rely on buses being on time.

Passing the driving test Amanda gould
Amanda Gould


Ellie Jubb passed her driving test September 2019 with the help of Elite instructor Mark Langton

Ellie passed her test today with just 2 minors. She is off to University in a few weeks to study Dentistry so hopefully she is filling over the moon with her pass!

Passing the driving test Ellie Jubb
Ellie Jubb


Abbey Jenkinson passed her driving test at her FIRST attempt in  September 2019 with the help of Elite instructor Phillip Hardcastle.

Abbey said passing the driving test and being able to drive will give her more independence, meaning she can now go wherever she wants, whenever she wants.

Passing the driving test abby jenkinson
Abby Jenkinson


Alishea Jackson passed her driving test at her FIRST attempt 7th October 2019 with the help of Elite instructor John McGonagle

John said: You took to driving with ease and passed in a very short time. Its been a pleasure to teach you and all the best for the future.

Passing the driving test alishea Jackson
Alishea Jackson

We would like to thank everyone for their business, and we wish them all a safe and prosperous driving future.



Bailey’s dream of driving his own car…

Well driving his own car has become a reality for Bailey Dennett after passing his driving test at his FIRST attempt!

Bailey Dennett said "I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons"

Congratulations Bailey

Bailey took his driving lessons with driving instructor Matt Howard.

Matt was really impressed with the speed at which Bailey progressed with his driving, and the dedication he put into learning.

Matt said, Bailey got really involved in his lessons, he asked lots of questions and work out situations for himself.

He’s been a great student to help and he has a fantastic attitude when it comes to driving safely.

Bailey absolutely deserves to have passed on his first attempt, and I’m chuffed to be able to share in his success.

Bailey said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Elite Driving School, my instructor, Matt was an absolutely great guy and I really¬† enjoyed every lesson I had with him, he provided me with all the support I could have needed for my first time pass and I’m absolutely over the moon with my result! I would recommend Elite Driving School to anyone out there hoping for a first time pass” 😀👍🎉🚘

I’m sure Bailey’s life is going to change massively now he’s able to dive for himself. He can drive for work, maybe even get a promotion.

He can get away for weekends with his mates, because the world has just become that little bit smaller for Bailey.

And, there’s no other better feeling than buying your First car, and it doesn’t really matter what it is, because it’s yours!