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Hello everyone and Welcome to the Elite Driving School Blog’s New in Driving News!

There has been a lot of Driving News lately, mainly, revolving around the weather!

However, last week, it was announced that Learner Drivers would be allowed on the motorways, with a qualified Driving Instructor, as of the 4th June 2018!

I have both good and points for the debate of Learner Drivers being allowed on motorways…

Let’s get all the negativity out of the way, and start with the cons:

-Motorways are dangerous if going both too fast, or too slow. Going too slow on a Motorway can cause serious problems, and can be very dangerous, which is why generally, it is better to do when more competent.

-Realistically, in an average hour/hour and a half lesson, the Learner isn’t going to get very far, before having to turn around and come back home. It is going to be extremely difficult for those who don’t live anywhere near a motorway, to have a motorway lesson as a learner…right?

-Thy’re unreliable. This shouldn’t be too difficult to explain, but sometimes, for unforeseen circumstances, you can get stuck on the motorway for hours. I’m sure we have all been there. Just last week, people were stuck on the M62 for 15 hours, after a mass crash. – Could you imagine being stuck in a car for 15 hours with your instructor?

-The other road users. You can sometimes get people, who get a little ‘speed happy’ and tend to just zoom off, well over the speed limit. This of course is annoying to general road users, never mind learners, who haven’t even passed a test to determine if they are ready to drive safely or not. I can imagine it being quite scary.

-They’re unqualified. Sure, they’re with a qualified instructor, who can drive at an advanced level, and in a car with dual controls, but that doesn’t prevent the fact that they’re unqualified. And yes, I understand the point of this is to become qualified, but people generally learn or go on a motorway, after they have experienced driving on their own on A and B roads.

Okay. Now, for the Pro’s:

-It allows the learner to advance on the skills that they already have, to be able to assess the situation appropriately.

-It allows learners to be experienced on all roads, before becoming qualified.

-With the new ‘Smart Motorways’ it enables learners to be more aware of how they work, as they won’t be involved in the Theory test.

-It gives them an advanced knowledge, meaning that there could potentially be fewer ‘new driver’ accidents.


What do you think?

We would love to hear your thoughts on the subject, as I think it is such a controversial one.

– The Elite Team


Why Learning to Drive at the Age of 17 is Better

It’s quite normal now for the younger generation to learn to drive as soon as they can. It is actually a really good idea. So, if you are 17, or are wanting to get someone driving lessons, here are some reasons why learning to drive when your younger, is easier. It has been found in…

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Driving Test Changes You Need to Know About

If you didn’t know already, the UK driving test is changing from the 4th December 2017 (not a very nice Christmas present, is it?). We are updating you with the most recent changes made by the DVSA. It was released on the 13th September 2017, that there would be revised changes to the ‘Show me’…

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Men vs. Women: Who Are Better Learner Drivers?

Men Vs Women

Men vs. Women: Who Are Better Learner Drivers?

Which gender makes for the best learner driver as revealed by ADIs?

To settle the argument once and for all, insurer Admiral teamed up with the Driving Instructors Association to uncover which gender is best behind the wheel from learning to drive through to heading out on to the road as a qualified driver, continue reading here

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Boost Your Chances at Passing Your Driving Test First Time Round

Boost Your Chances at Passing Your Driving Test First Time Round.

In 2016 with the driving test waiting list hitting three months it is important that your preparation is up to scratch because it could be a long wait for a retest.

Here are a few ways that you can help yourself prepare.

  • Practice for your Theory Test early, there are many ways to practice. We recommend using the Highway Code and Theory Test pro, however there are lots of other good methods, if you are unsure ask your Instructor for his recommendations.
  • Always be prepared for your lesson, organise yourself, don’t leave everything until the last minute.
  • Listen to your Instructor, if you don’t understand their instructions be sure to ask questions.
  • Avoid missing lessons, this will delay your progress.
  • Pre-book your driving test and all your lessons leading up to it, check with your Instructor first before booking.
  • Make sure you take at least one mock driving test to ensure that you are at test standard.
  • Your Instructor may have offered to sit in the back of the car on your test, this changes the dynamics of the way the car drives.  If you are planning on your Instructor being in the car with you it’s best to be prepared by having a lesson with someone else in the back of the car ahead of test day.
  • On the day of your test make sure that you have all the correct documentation with you to show to the Examiner.
  • If at any time during the test you do not understand what the examiner has asked you to do, do not be frightened to ask them to repeat the instructions.
  • Eat before your test, this will help you to remain focused.

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Start Your Driving Lessons

Start Your Driving Lessons

Starting your driving lessons is a very exciting time in most peoples lives. So Let’s help you get started quickly. If you want to start driving a car you have to be seventeen years old, otherwise it’s sixteen for mopeds and a light quad bike.

Applying for your first provisional driving licence.

Firstly you must be a resident of the UK. Meet the minimum eyesight requirements and not be prevented from driving for any reason. Your first driving licence will cost you £34.00 and you can apply by going to As soon as your driving licence arrives you can find a driving instructor and book your first driving lesson. Our tip is whilst waiting for your licence read the Highway Code and practice the theory on sites like Theory Test Pro or the DVSA’s own theory practice site.

As soon as you start learning we recommend you book a theory test for the earliest date possible, once you’ve passed your theory test your licence becomes valid to book a practical driving test. It is important that you discuss an approximate timescale to book your driving test with your driving instructor. For more information go to

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