Three driving gadgets every driver should have…

Our top Three driving gadgets every driver should have in their car…


Driving gadgets that can help improve your driving, your safety and protect you from harassment & fraudsters.

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You can’t deny that the UK’s roads are littered with bad drivers, fraudsters and pedestrians that take silly risk’s.

And then you’ve got new road layouts who you can thank the highways department for.

Many of which challenge even the most experienced drivers to figure out how to use them safely.

The problem with road designers is they assume all road users are familiar with the area, and therefore understand the road markings.

Then of course you’ve got traffic police with speed camera’s as well as static camera’s that has drivers jumping on the brakes at the risk of being rear ended.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that camera’s shouldn’t be used to stop speeding and improve road safety, but a better solution is needed.

Many drivers who have attended a speed awareness course do so to avoid penalty points on their licences, most of these drivers aren’t hell bend on breaking the law.

They simply don’t know the speed limit of the roads they are driving on, or speed due to a lack of concentration or awareness.

Even those drivers who are familiar with their surroundings might not be confident enough to tell you the speed limit of the road they are travelling on.

So, what gadgets are their on the market that can help improve the situation?

These are a few of our top picks:

  1. Speed awareness gadgets. These devices give live updates of the speed limit of the road you are travelling on, and if you go over the limit some systems warn you to slow down.

They even work with variable speeding limits which are on the increase, and smart motorways.

As well as static cameras these device’s also detect mobile speed cameras from a distance giving the driver enough warning to slow down early, opposing to jumping on the brakes and potentially causing accidents.

2.  Car dash camera front and rear are not only good for insurance claims but they also come in handy for other unforeseen situations.

In a world where fraudsters think nothing of jumping on your bonnet, laying down in front of your car, or even reversing in to you and claiming you hit them, dash cams provide valuable evidence of their crime.

They can also capture valuable footage of drivers harassing other road users and idiots who think it’s cool to chuck stuff at passing cars.

3. Satellite navigation systems. The world has moved on a long way from the days of drivers reading maps by the road side trying to figure out where they made a wrong turn.

Good quality navigation systems help you arrive at you destination on time and less stressed. They also help direct you around traffic hold ups, and warn you of speed restrictions.

 Stay safe.