Dealing with test day nerves

Dealing with test day nerves:

We asked some of Elite Driving Schools students to hear their stories about dealing with test-day stress and nerves.

Prepare fully – You should be constantly driving at a high standard as you approach test day, ask your instructor for a couple of mock tests to make sure you’re able to pass them. If not you will need extra practice or delay booking a test until you can. If you’re struggling with any particular aspects of the test, focus on those especially, so you can nail them in good time.

Make sure you have given your driving instructor the correct time and date of your test and you’ve shown them the confirmation from the DVSA so that no mistakes are made.

The day before your test make sure you have all the correct documents you need to show the driving examiner when asked. Make sure you show them to your instructor before setting off on your pre-test lesson. It can also be helpful to choose what you’re going to wear on your test day the night before too.

Don’t tell your friends – the more people you tell about your test, the more pressure you’ll feel to pass. So keep your test date quiet and just surprise your friends once you’ve passed!

Have a banana for breakfast – bananas are well-known among instructors as the driving test super food. They’re full of B vitamins which helps calm your nerves and they contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin, the ‘happy hormone’ – which will keep your mood upbeat. If you don’t like bananas make sure you eat something so you have enough energy for the day and can concentrate on the task in hand rather than how hungry you are!

Avoid caffeine – don’t drink energy drinks or too much coffee before a test. The caffeine can heighten your nerves.

Laugh – before heading out watch something that really makes you laugh, like your favourite comedian on YouTube. This will put you at ease and boost your mood.

Rescue Remedy – spray some Bach Rescue Remedy, a natural remedy which helps to calm nerves in stressful situations

Distract yourself – sitting in the waiting room before your test is often the time when people feel the most anxious. It’s a good idea to bring a book or magazine to distract you. Remember that this is the worst bit, once you’re actually on your test you’ll be so busy concentrating on the road that your nerves will ease off.

Talk to the examiner – remember that the examiner is human and not there to fail you, don’t be put off if he/her is quiet, they don’t want to break your concentration. Some examiners will exchange a couple of words with you to help put you at ease, but keep your replies short and don’t talk too much as you could get distracted from the road. Also don’t be afraid to ask the examiner any questions or to repeat an instruction if you didn’t hear it.

Open the window – to let some fresh air in the car, this can help keep you alert.

These are just a few suggestions from our customer feedback.

Happy test day!