Don’t Lose Your Licence

Del Boy Driving Licence

You’ve worked hard to gain your licence with Elite.

What happens if within the first two years of gaining your licence you get 6 points on it?


Your first two years of gaining your licence is a probationary period and if you get 6 points on it, your licence will be revoked. This means that you will have to pay and apply for a new provisional licence and pay and pass both your theory and practical driving tests to once again get a full licence.


It is also worth a mention that the new law which was brought in on the 1st March 2017 means that motorists caught using a mobile phone whilst driving are liable to 6 points on their licence plus a £200.00 fine.


Our advice is to stick to the speed limits and put your mobile phones out of reach whilst driving to eliminate any temptation to pick them up, why go through all that hard work to gain your licence, to have it taken away again and then have to start all over again.


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