Train for a new career in 10 weeks

become a driving instructor

Do you feel stuck in a rut with your career – Do you want a new direction?

Wouldn’t like like to start the day with a spring in your step, and knowing that you are doing something for yourself and not someone else.

There are thousands of people who are stuck in dreary dead end jobs with no hope of advancement.

And due to the present climate, many more people are facing job losses & redundancy.

But it’s not all doom and gloom

My industry is seeing a huge surge in business, and it’s not due to Covid either.

We’re a growing population of people who want to learn to drive, and yet we have a shortage of professional driving instructors to cope with the demand.

Forget driverless cars, that’s not going to stop people wanting to learn to drive.

Aeroplanes have been able to fly themselves for years. They say If you get a smooth landing it’s probably the autopilot doing the hard work.

So, why do they need pilots? Well technology isn’t always reliable and it needs a reboot from time to time.

It’s also reassuring to know there’s a professional pilot at the controls, it gives us peace of mind.

But training to be a pilot takes years, whereas training to be a driving instructor can take as little as 10-weeks.

Over the weekend I spoke to a few people who wanted to know how long it took to train to become a driving instructor.

They had already spoken with a few training providers and driving instructors previously, but the information they received was somewhat confusing.

The advice given suggested it would take from twelve months to as long as two years to complete the training.

After listening to these people, I realised that they needed a better explanation about how long it takes to train to become a driving instructor.

The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) are the government executives responsible for approving people to become driving instructors.

They give you two years to qualify as an instructor from the date you register with them to start training, which is why some instructors might quote two years.

In general training companies quote an average 50 hours of training to become a driving instructor.

There isn’t a compulsory amount of training hours you have to have, in fact you could become a driving instructor without any help from a driving school or driving instructor.

The 50 hours is basically the norm and generally split between the part two and three modules.

10 hours are given to the part two practical driving module, and 40 hours for the part three instructional module.

Although you are not required to take 40 hours on the part three module, you must take 40 hours with a professional trainer if you want to apply for a trainee driving instructor licence.

A trainee driving instructor licence, known as a potential driving instructor (PDI) licence, helps you get experience instructing pupils to drive so that you can prepare for the part three exam.

With a PDI licence you can charge for lessons to cover the cost of things like insurance and vehicle costs.

So assuming you book 50 hours, if you took five hours training each week, you would complete the course in 10 weeks.

If you wanted to take it easier, you could take 20 weeks by just doing two and a half hours each week or five hours every other week.

There is of course a lot of work you will need to do at home between sessions. You might have books to read, videos to watch and even webinars to attend.

But if you’ve got time on your hands, ten weeks training might easily be doable.

So, I hope that gives you an idea of how you could plan your training around your other commitments.

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