Business as usual for driving instructor Tim Richards

Elite Driving instructor Tim Richards

Driving instructor Tim Richards joins Elite

It’s not often we have plenty of spaces available for customers to book lessons with an almost immediate start date.


But that’s what going to happen in the next few weeks…

It’s frustrating for us when people call to book their driving lessons and we can’t fit them in. What’s worse is we can’t even give them a date when we can.

That’s simply because we have to wait for people passing driving tests for spaces to be created in our instructors diaries.

We never book people in for driving lessons unless we can give them regular weekly lessons.

It’s no use for a student having a lesson one week and the instructor not being able to take them the next. It’s a waste of the student’s time and money.

We know that it’s even harder to find places for customers who can only take their driving lessons in the evening or weekends.

Driving instructors tend to work a maximum of 2 or 3 late nights, and maybe half, or a full day on a weekend.

Like the majority of people that work, driving instructors like their evenings and weekends free to spend with family, but they give up some of that valuable time for people who are not able to take lessons during the day.

I speak to people who ask “why not get some more instructors”. And I tell them honestly, that there’s a shortage of instructors, and it’s very hard to find the right instructors to work with.

But I’m pleased to announce we’ve been very lucky, and have managed to persuade driving instructor Tim Richards to join our team of fantastic male and female driving instructors.

Tim starts with the school on Monday the 8th May, a few days after taking delivery of his brand new Citroen C3 driving tuition vehicle.

Our Office Manager Pauline is ready to take calls from people who live in Tim’s area and who want to book lessons with him.

So if you live in post code areas HU3, HU4, or HU5 and would like to start your driving lessons with Tim, please give Pauline a call on 01482 470151.

But be quick because it won’t be too long before all the spaces in his diary are taken.