Good news, driving lessons resume

driving lessons resume

Driving lessons resume in just six weeks, fingers crossed!

It looks like it’s good news from here on out.

Boris is opening the gates to freedom once again. But we’ve got to promise to be good, and in return he’ll wave more restrictions off every month until they’re all gone, and we’re tipsy in the streets on hugs and social contact.

Everybody’s waiting for something to be allowed. Schools, Pubs, Weddings. Whatever’s going to make the biggest difference to them.

Much as I can’t wait, it looks like the 12th April before our turn arrives to resume driving lessons again.

I’m fed up with not leaving home.

There’s a constant stream of delivery drivers, all from Amazon I guess, and my dog barks alerting me to every van pulling up, and not stopping barking until he’s seen them off.

There’s a list of DIY jobs to do (and I really dislike DIY), and a kitchen full of delicious snacks just a few steps away.

But I keep reminding myself, it’s only six weeks and we can get back to some sort of normality, the same normality we left a few weeks back requiring facemasks in car, but that’s better than no lessons at all.

I know it’s going to be a major headache ahead planning lessons again.

When we had to stop lessons for lock down, our instructors were booked solid, and during lock down we’ve built a huge list of people who we’ve promised to contact as soon as we return.

But our first job is to find out who of our original customers will be returning before we can book new customers in.

And, we will have to prioritise time for people who had driving tests booked before lockdown, which will still go ahead.

That said, we know people are desperate to book driving lessons, some have waited almost a year.

So, with lighter days ahead, we will be working extra hours to catch up and squeeze as many people in as we can.

If you want a call back as soon as we start, please email your details to:

with the following information and we’ll be in touch:

Your name


Post code

Contact number

email address

So, I can’t wait to get back to taking driving lessons. But I guess everyone’s different, and most people haven’t got a dizzy Labrador at home, wanting to play with every nice DPD delivery driver who walks down the drive.

Just six weeks and counting.

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