Driving test myths

Driving test myths

Here we answer just a few of the ones we hear on a regular basis.

Does each examiner have a quota of passes?

No – examiners are checked regularly to ensure that they are doing the job correctly; if you drive well, you will pass, regardless of how many passes the examiner has awarded that day or week.

Can I be caught speeding whilst learning to drive or taking a test?

Yes you can, that’s why you have a provisional licence. If you go through a speed camera then you get 3 points and a fine just as a normal driver would.

If you stall the car, you will fail.

Stalling happens. Take a deep breath, start again, and it is unlikely you would be failed on that one thing alone. If you persistently stall then that would be a problem.

Driving slowly and overly cautious is a good thing?

You might think that constantly driving slowly will impress your driving examiner into thinking you’re a safe driver and not a racing driver, but actually your examiner wants to see you driving confidently and at a speed that is appropriate for the conditions and the road you’re on. Driving slowly and overly cautious when it would be safe to drive at the speed limit could encourage drivers behind to overtake in dangerous places. Make sure that you drive slowly where appropriate.

Fail your driving test for taking the wrong turn.

If you miss the road that you were meant to take then don’t panic. Your examiner will direct you back on route and you won’t get any faults. Just make sure that you don’t do a last minute turn as that could be dangerous.