Driving tests resume

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Driving tests resume in England and Wales today.

The DVSA report a backlog of 420,000 driving tests, which sees an average 17 week waiting time for new test bookings in the UK.
Thousands of people are struggling to get driving lessons because driving instructors diaries are fully booked.
Many driving instructors have left the industry during the three lock downs, either because they are fearful for their own health, or they’ve just got fed up of sitting around waiting to get back to work.
The problem created by the latest lock down has left many students with driving tests booked, but with very little time practice before taking their test
This has led to problems for their driving instructors who are struggling to fit enough driving time for students with imminent test dates, so it’s a challenge for both learner and instructor.
Many students have also reported that their instructor hasn’t returned to work after lock down, and therefore have been left to find another instructor to take them for the test, which is proving very challenging.
No one wants to cancel their driving test, because as of today the waiting time for a driving test in:
  • Hull is mid September
  • Bridlington early September
  • York Mid August
  • Scunthorpe mid July
It’s a long wait.
People who are turning Seventeen this year, have asked “why is it so difficult to find an instructor who can take them for lessons on their birthday”?
Pre-booking lessons isn’t as easy as you might think.
That’s because driving instructors have repeat business every week.
An example is a classroom of 30 students each who have their own desk. They turn up every week until one of them passes their test, then that space becomes vacant for a new customer.
If the instructor has to wait a few months for someone to turn 17, they are loosing wages with the empty seat.
So, they must find someone to fill that space quickly, which means they are full again until the next person passes the test.
So, it’s difficult for instructors to pre-book driving lessons when the driving test waiting list is so far ahead.
Hopefully the DVSA will find a way to reduce the long driving test waiting time soon.
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