Driving Tips for Beginners

Any new driver acquiring their license will be eager to grab their keys and jump behind the wheel.

Most of the time, these drivers are teenagers with minimal first-hand experience with the rules of the road.

While there are driver’s safety courses available for those who are starting out on the road, remembering a few tips for driving a car will help keeping novices safe as well as protect their passengers and those sharing the road with them.

Prepare before starting

Many drivers are in so much of a hurry they miss crucial steps of adjusting the various car settings and even putting on their seatbelts.

Once you are sat down behind the wheel, the next thing to do is put on a seatbelt, adjust the mirrors, then the seats, the tilt of the steering wheel and any other settings in the car than need to be personalised. These actions should preferably be done before turning on the engine.

Learn the signs

It is likely that a beginner driver will have leared many of the basic traffic signs and the meanings that are associated with them. However, there are many of these signs that are regularly come by on the roads and motorways that might not be all too familiar with inexperienced drivers.

Take some time to memorise these symbols and what they mean and how they might affect everyday driving.


Turn signals must be used on every occasion which the driver’s intentions might not be clear. They should also be used as an indication for changing lanes. Futhermore, beginner drivers should be accustomed to checking their mirrors, or over their shoulders to make sure people are out of the way for turns and lane changes.