The DVSA is Set to Expose Britain’s Worse Instructors

The DVSA is Set to Expose Britain’s Worse Instructors

Recent figures show that driving test pass rates in the UK are falling with some learners taking many attempts before eventually passing their driving test. The DVSA is planning to do something about it, citing part of the problem down to poor quality instruction from driving instructors.

Driving Instructors have to take regular check tests with the DVSA to ensure their continued ability to instruct meets with the DVSA requirements.  Recently the traditional check test has been replaced with the new Standards Check, and since this introduction only 30% of instructors have received top marks, with the vast majority managing a merely satisfactory rating. Last year nearly 700 driving instructors were struck off the DVSA register for failing to make the minimum standard mark.

So what does the DVSA plan to do about this?

Recently they decided to allow instructors to show their grade and score online at the Find An Instructor Section on their website, this is designed to help students find the best instructor in their area, and the DVSA believe that this will help drive up tuition standards amongst Britain’s 40,000 driving instructors. The DVSA’s Chief Executive Gareth Llewellyn told The Times “We are encouraging driving instructors to publish their rating, if they don’t then at some point we will compel them to do so, we will put out information into the public domain so that parents can choose a good driving instructor.” This hasn’t proved to be popular amongst ADI’s with many interesting comments.

Win Owen commented “why would a person as well educated and as well informed as Gareth Llewellyn think that parents will be able to choose a good instructor by just looking at our grades”

Another Instructor Tim said “I was graded B but have a pass rate that is consistently 80% or thereabouts, my grading is based on just a one hour observation and doesn’t take into account how I assess learners and how I develop a working relationship with them”

Another comment from Peter “I’ve been teaching for 29 years and in that time I’ve been graded 5 three times and grade 6 twice, on my standards check I received a paltry 42 which is a grade B, all due to the supervising examiner thinking my lesson plan was too easy for the pupil.”

Some other comments from instructors spoke of those who take pupils who are more difficult to teach, that other instructors simply pass on because they cannot be bothered to train them, these pupils often take more than just one attempt to pass the driving test.

It’s an interesting topic and one that needs more thought from the DVSA rather than citing grade as being the problem. It’s a bad strategy to advertise grade A instructors as being better than all other instructors, the DVSA need to take into account newly qualified instructors who have very little experience and therefore might be seen as a bad option for most parents buying driving lessons for their children. This could have a negative effect on people wanting to become driving instructors in the first place.

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