Fashion, Flat or Barefoot?

High Heels

Fashion, Flat or Barefoot?

Appearance is important, but is it when it comes down to driving? Who is looking at your feet when you are driving?

There are lots of questions about whether it is illegal to drive in high heels or even barefoot for that matter. There are no legal requirements when it comes to footwear however as the driver you are responsible for keeping the vehicle under control.

We recommend flat shoes that are comfortable. These should be not too bulky either as this could result in catching two of the pedals together. Another factor to take into account is the sole, too thick and you will be unable to feel the pedals, too thin or soft could also cause problems. You need a sturdy shoe with a good grip to avoid slipping off the pedals. They should never be too heavy or limit your movement.

Some of the worse footwear for driving are flip flops, high heels, platform shoes/boots, and winter (snow) boots.

Back in the old days (well the staff here in the office are a little older than we would care to admit) Mrs O used to drive barefoot, something she would not dream of doing these days, however she has never driven in heels, it might be an age thing but she prefers comfort and always uses flat shoes for driving and on an all important night out will have her heels ready to change into once at her destination.