Free driving lessons throughout the summer…

Free driving lessons, and a fast and easy learning system that can save you money


Passing your driving test is an awesome part of life and the opportunities a driving licence is going to give you will blow your mind, from weekend road trips to access to better paid jobs, that’s why everyone needs a driving licence.

We are starting our new campaign ready for summer. We’re always striving to add more value to our service by offering our learners more support and freebies, and this summer were even giving away free driving lessons.

Free driving lessons this summer for elite learners

But is there a safe and practical way to learn faster following our easy system, which will improve your chance of passing first time while also bringing down the cost of taking driving lessons and getting your licence?

To be a successful learner requires nothing more than a good lesson structure, and we’ve put our years of experience in to making sure our learners know exactly what’s required to successfully get their full drivers licence.

When you start with an Elite instructor we will give you a host of freebies to help you learn smart and bring the cost of learning down.

You’ll get Free unlimited access to theory test pro to help prepare for the theory test.

You can also get access to Elite’s driving action plan to help prepare for  lessons.

Our instructors can give parents valuable tips and advice for private practice, and we can recommend reputable insurance companies for daily, weekly or even monthly learner insurance on the family car.

During summer elite learners will also be given the opportunity to get some extra free driving lessons, terms and conditions apply of course, so ask your elite instructor for information.

Who doesn’t want to learn to drive, and the summers the best time to start.

And until you can drive you won’t know what your missing.

So, call the office today and book your first lesson, you’re going to love it.

If it’s out of office hours use our book online system and a team member will arrange your first lesson click here 

Hurry, and you can get a chance to bag some free driving lessons as well as all the other goodies we’re giving away this summer to help you pass your driving test.

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