A Guide to Learning to Drive

Jeannette Pickering

A Guide to Learning to Drive

A large number of students find the idea of taking driving lessons to be very daunting. The idea of driving amongst busy traffic and doing manoeuvres makes them very fearful and nervous.  We are aiming to reduce the fear and help make the whole experience as stress free as possible.

Your very First Driving Lesson

Let’s explain the process for inexperienced drivers.

Your Elite Driving School Instructor will meet you at your home (or any other location pre-determined as per your booking). You will need your driving licence with you to present to the Instructor, without this you will not be able to take your driving lesson.

You will then be taken to a quiet location that will be relatively free from traffic, this will enable you to get the best start to your driving experience. We prefer to start our lessons in a quiet location to ensure that the student is not over phased and find the experience traumatic.

Before you begin to move off

Before you begin to move off your instructor will conduct an eyesight test, you must be able to read a car number plate from 20 meters (this can include your glasses or contact lenses if necessary).

If you already have driving experience and are happy to drive from the pick-up point then you can begin your lesson, otherwise the instructor will drive you to a suitable location to continue the lesson. Your first few lessons will be all about boosting your confidence, with confidence comes success.

Once in a suitable location you will then swap seats so that you will be in the driving seat. You will be asked for your licence and your details will be recorded by your instructor. You will be given an Elite Driving School Track Record book and asked to read through the terms and conditions, feel free to ask your instructor any questions, these will be addressed. You will then be asked to sign two copies, one of which is yours and the second is for the Driving School records.

Drill for the Cockpit

Your instructor will go through a few steps with you, these will include your driving position and ensure that seat belts are correctly adjusted and doors closed firmly.

Once you are comfortable your instructor will then proceed to explain the relevant car controls, this starts with the foot controls, which will start from right covering the gas pedal, foot brake, then the clutch, you will get a full explanation of what each pedal does and how to operate them correctly. From there on you will learn about the hand controls, which from left is the hand brake, gear lever and steering wheel, followed by the ancillary controls. Your instructor will also explain various instructions they will use to help you understand what you are being asked to cover.

Our next post will be on moving the car.