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Learn to Drive…


Prepare to have your mind blown…


I found an article yesterday on BuzzFeed… and it BLEW MY MIND!


It’s all about how the map of the world that we all know and love is incredibly mis-leading. It turns out, it’s essentially wrong!


Because the world is round and the map is flat, in order to make everything fit properly, the further away from the equator the country, the larger it looks on the map.


So it turns out that Australia is actually the same size as the US, Canada is way smaller than we thought and Antarctica (that massive white land mass that takes up the entire bottom of the map) is actually just a little bigger than Brazil!


Regardless of what we see on a map, in reality the world is a very beautiful and inspiring place to live, and the ability to drive lets you explore more places, cities and countries than you otherwise wouldn’t, and the sights you see will blow your mind!


Anyway it’s definitely worth a look if you haven’t seen it already:




Check it out and let me know if your mind’s been blown too!


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