If you don’t learn to drive today…

If you don’t learn to drive today you risk missing tomorrow’s opportunities!


This year has been a big year for inquiries about intensive courses, why?

Well people have put off learning until something happens which means they need a full driving licence quick.

Many employers now prefer prospective employees to have a full driving licence on their CV, so when a job opportunity arises, those without a licence could stand less chance of an interview.

We’ve seen an increase in people needing to drive when the opportunity of a promotion becomes available in their company, or a move to an new company is on the cards.

learn to drive

That’s when they start thinking about an intensive driving course to learn and pass quickly.

But, they soon hit a problem, because intensive courses don’t work quite in the same way they were hoping for.

The general consensus is that you can call up and book an intensive course starting next week and take a test at the end of the week.

Now wouldn’t that be great! So why is this concept floored?

Well first of all there’s generally a waiting time for tests with the driving vehicle standards agency. There are only a handful of examiners at each test center across the UK, and they can only take a certain amount of test’s each day.

So, if there are thousands of people booking tests then the waiting time could be several months ahead.

Yeah sure from time to time people cancel tests, but as soon as they appear on the DVSA’s booking site they are snapped up in seconds.

A couple of other factors to consider is:

  1. You can’t book a driving test without first having a valid theory test pass registered to your driving licence, and that apply’s to everyone.

Again, the general concept that driving school businesses have test dates pre-booked isn’t true, because they can only do so if they have a candidates licence details which must show an in date theory pass attached.

2. Availability of a driving instructor. Most decent driving instructors will have a full diary of clients for weeks in advance, and they aren’t going to risk loosing them by putting their lessons on hold to squeeze someone in for a one week intensive driving course.

Although some companies only offer intensive courses, their job is to keep their instructor’s busy every week, and to be successful at doing that they need to have courses booked weeks, even months in advance.

However there’s an increasing amount of companies posing as driving schools who actually don’t have any driving instructors.

But yet they’ll guarantee you a driving course, so how can they do that?

Well, first they’ll ask you to book and pay for the course you want upfront, some may even show available dates in a week or so’s time.

But because they don’t have any driving instructors working for them, they will ring the driving schools and instructors in your area, exactly in the same way you can do yourself, they’re just a middleman trying to make money in a busy market.

Obviously if everyone’s busy they’ll just book the first available course date possible, which could be in a few months time, or they’ll book a course in a different city which means you’ll have to travel.

If your not happy they’ll refund you money, but more than likely they’ll charge an administration fee for their time which could be a couple of hundred pounds.

Always read the terms and conditions before booking a driving course and make sure you research the company first.

Another consideration before booking an intensive course is how many hours will you need before you reach the standard required to pass the driving test.

You must first know the standard required before you can make that decision, and only a driving instructor will have that knowledge, so first you’ll need some sort of assessment.

So, to avoid disappointment it’s better to start learning to drive on your 17th birthday, take regular weekly lessons, commit to continuing with lessons until you pass the driving test, and you’ll be ready to take any opportunity that arises in the future.