Learner Drivers on Motorways Consultation

Learner drivers on motorways

The DVSA consultation which plans to allow learner drivers to take driving lessons on Britain’s motorways ends on the 17th February 2017.

The consultations suggests that learner drivers will be allowed to take motorway driving lessons as long as they are accompanied by an approved driving instructor, in a car fitted with dual controls.

The DVSA suggest that motorway tuition will help better prepare drivers, and will allow learners to:

  • get a broader driving experience before taking their driving test.
  • get training on how to join and leave the motorway, also including how to overtake and use lanes correctly.
  • Practice driving at higher speeds
  • put their theoretical knowledge in practice.

Motorway lessons would be voluntary. It would be up to the ADI to decide when the student is competent enough to have a motorway lesson.

Source DVSA

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This consultation asks for views on whether learner drivers should be allowed to take driving lessons on motorways while:

  • accompanied by a fully-qualified approved driving instructor
  • in a car which has dual-controls

It also asks for views on whether the driving instructor training and testing system needs to be changed for them to provide motorway lessons.



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