Female Driving Instructors in Hull

Female Driving Instructors in Hull
Customer Review from Harry Burton

Female Driving Instructors in Hull


Great Customer Review from Harry Burton who said…….

Enjoyed driving lessons a lot.

I have enjoyed driving lessons a lot despite having car sickness and would highly recommend Elite driving.

Jeanette was a great instructor who tutored me at my own pace and was easy to talk to especially when learning difficult manoeuvres and techniques. From the beginning I felt safe while driving which ultimately led to me being a much more confident driver and pass my test. Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor!


Here’s a previous review for Jeannette :

Excellent guide

Excellent! Calm, considerate and resilient! Jeannette has helped me progress a considerable amount, pointing out flaws in my driving I didn’t realise were flaws. My previous teacher did not teach me such things as economic driving, which has meant my driving as a whole has increased considerably. She has not given up on me, even when I neither thought I wanted to, nor thought I could. Excellent guide and lovely to talk to. Managing to come up with a way that would help me to learn and ultimately got me to pass!

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