Why you must be more aware when approaching zebra crossings

Approaching zebra crossings

Crossings are very common on the approach to junctions, and immediately after joining a new road, which makes them a hazard, especially when approaching zebra crossings after exiting a roundabout.

One  of the reasons is that traffic should be moving slower and therefore drivers will be more aware of hazards.

But what do you do if you can’t see anyone at the crossing?

In busy streets parked vehicles can hide pedestrians from view, especially children. So, if you can’t see both side of the crossings you should assume that someone will be waiting to cross and slow as you approach being prepared to stop.

But what if you can see and the crossing looks clear. We watched a video from one of our vehicle cameras and found that a grown man could be hidden from view by just a black and white post.

Look ate the picture below, at first glance do you see the pedestrian?

No, okay on this picture we’ve highlighted the pedestrian.

Moving a few frames on and now you can clearly see him. But, at first glance drivers would assume it’s clear and start to accelerate.

The hazard can quickly become a danger, how might you react?

A) The pedestrians walks on to the crossing and the driver slams on the brakes, watch out behind if you’re driving too close.

B) The pedestrian walks on the crossing and the driver swerves to avoid him, watch out if you’re the oncoming vehicle.

C) The driver holds back until he has a clearer view of the crossing area to the left and brings the car to a smooth stop to let the pedestrian cross safely.


Out of the 3 choices I know which I would choose.

The next time you approach an uncontrolled zebra crossing double check it’s safe before driving past, if in doubt hold back.

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