Part One ADI Theory test

Sitting the Part One ADI Theory test


In this blog I’ll tell you about my experience of taking the theory test and my help tips to get the most out of your time.

But first I want to address the problem associated with setting aside time to study.

I recently received a message from Rob who’s studying for his part one ADI theory test.

Rob asked: “Any advise about the best way to study? I set aside a full day during week to study, but I didn’t get anything done.

Last week my study day didn’t go as planned. I started off by taking the kids to school because the wife was working. Then I did the weekly shop, followed by running a few errands. By the time I got round to study most of the day had gone, so I didn’t bother starting”.

Well Rob that’s the same for most busy people, because life gets in the way.

Allocating a full day to study is an ambitious plan. I prefer to break study down in to smaller chunks of time. I’ve found the ideal time for me is 90 minutes sessions, 3 to 4 times a week.

90 minutes is enough time to make headway, but not too long that it impacts on my day, or effects my concentration.



Back to the theory test:

Lesson number one: Don’t park in a restricted area that gives you a maximum of 2 hours waiting, otherwise you could walk out to a ticket.

When you arrive at the test center you’ll be asked for you’re driving licence, and given a key to a safety deposit box. You’ll be asked to put your jacket, phone and any other possessions you might have in your pockets, into the box.

Next your given a declaration to read before signing to say you agree with the rules.

Finally you’re asked to show that your pockets are empty for the camera., before taking a seat and waiting to be called through to your booth.

When your allocated a booth, you’ll be given the option to practice using the system, this doesn’t use up any of your theory test time so it’s worth taking a few minutes to get yourself focused, and get used to the set up.

When your ready select start the test. Keep an eye on the time which is at the top right of the screen, and the question number on the bottom right.

Read every question carefully before answering. Many answers are similar, and can be confusing, so reading them a few times might help you spot the correct answer easier. If in doubt mark the question so that you can return to it later, then your not wasting time or focus by stressing over the answer.

Once you’ve completed 100 questions, go back to those you highlighted and with the time remaining do your best to answer them correctly. Don’t leave any questions unanswered. Even a guess gives you more chance of getting it correct than not answering it at all.

Once you finish the questions you’ll be offered a 3 minute break before starting the hazard perception part of the test.

During this part of the test avoid repetitive clicking, but just a one click strategy might result in you clicking too early and you’ll score nothing. My tip is click every time you see a hazard, and click several more times when you know it’s turning into a potential danger. This increases your chance of getting in the scoring zone with a high score.

Once you’ve finished head back to the reception where you’ll be given your score. Before you leave the center don’t forget your possessions from the locker.

If you’ve been successful and passed, you can book your ADI part two practical driving test. click here