Passing the driving test and what it means to Amanda

First of all congratulations to Amanda Gould for passing the driving test at her FIRST attempt.

passing the driving test by Amanda Gould

Amanda who took her lessons with instructor Phil Hardcastle said having a full driving licence will be really helpful to her, because she will be able to drive herself to work instead of begging lifts from others, or hoping the buses are on time.

A driving licence offers different opportunities to each individual after passing the driving test.

For many people owing their own car is the ultimate reward for the hours of persistence behind the wheel learning to be a safe and responsible driver.

I think for me owning a car meant real freedom. For 2 year prior to passing my driving test I rode motorbikes, starting on a 50cc moped before passing the bike test and eventually moving up to 1000cc racers.

But although bikes give you freedom, cars add a different dimension. With a car you can carry more passengers, chuck your gear in the boot and keep dry.

With a bike you need protective clothing and you’ve got to carry it around with you. You can’t exactly go on a shopping trip either because where do you put your new purchases.

With a car life’s a lot easier, whether it’s commuting for work, shopping or going on holiday.

Nostalgia takes many of us back to our first car reminding us of the fun and excitement we experienced. Which is why we always remember our first car with such fondness, even if it was a complete banger!

For me bikes are exciting, but cars are practical, and they can be a nice place to spend time, especially if you can afford a luxury motor.

But, until you pass your driving test and experience owing your own set of wheels you’ll never really understand the benefits of being able to drive, because you haven’t had the experience before.

I’m sure Amanda’s always going to remember the day she passed her driving test as one of life’s great achievements.