How to improve your chance of passing the practical driving test?

It’s everyone’s dream of passing the practical driving test at the First attempt.


And there’s no substitute for hard work, persistence, determination, desire and faith.

But you also need to find an instructor you gel with, one who you feel you can learn from, and one who’s reliable because to be successful you need regular frequent lessons.

Missing lessons can really slow your progress, so make sure your instructor allows you to book your lessons in advance, so you get the times when you can take them, and make sure you turn up for your lessons on time.

Each lesson you take should be a step forward from the previous lesson, so planning is important.

Between you and your instructor you should agree on what you need to cover on the lesson, where improvements can be made, and what support you’ll need to make those improvements.

It’s important that you understand how to do the task your being asked to do, and that you can visualise how you will deal with the situation to get the desired outcome.

This is where you need to focus on what your instructor is asking you to do, if you don’t understand the task, then you must tell your instructor immediately.

You wouldn’t jump out of a plane (with a parachute of course), if you didn’t know how to open the chute and land safely.

Throughout your learning experience, your instructor might set short assessments for you where they will ask you to complete a task unaided by them.

They will take on the role of observer so they can see how you will deal with certain tasks, and if it isn’t to the standard required, the instructor will help you understand where improvement should be made, and then further practice will help you to get it right.

Passing the practical driving test, how do you know when your almost ready to take it?

Let’s be honest, you don’t know what the test standard looks like, but your instructor does!

This is where a MOCK driving test can be beneficial. Your instructor will step out of the role of the trainer and into the role of the observer.

For a MOCK test to be successful it should be conducted exactly like a real practical driving test.

Familiarity with your own instructor can reduce the effectiveness of the MOCK test because you’re used to being in the car with them.

That’s why we recommend taking a MOCK test with another instructor opposing to your own, because this will take you out of your comfort zone even further.

Just like the real practical driving test.

By the end of the MOCK test, you’ll have the experience of what the real test will be like, and you’ll have an idea of the standard your driving needs to be to successfully pass the real thing.

Don’t be discouraged if you fail a MOCK driving test, it’s only a measure of the standard you are at that moment in time.

And, it often highlights the weaker areas in your driving which both you and your instructor can work on before booking the real thing.

More than just one MOCK test might be required to assist with your driving development.

So, don’t forget to insist on a MOCK test before you apply for the practical driving test, even if it’s conducted by your own instructor it’s still more beneficial than not taking one.