Phoebe Mora-Blanco Passed in August 2019!

Congratulations to Phoebe who passed her Driving test, in August 2019!

Passing your driving test is an awesome stepping stone in life. It provides freedom and independence, career opportunities, and those insta moments of being able to post a pic of your first car! Driving around with your friends, being able to go places in Summer, or even driving to maccies on a Sunday morning. Once you get a car, you’ll always want to be the designated driver. Plus, lots of careers require you to have a license! All these amazing opportunities have opened up for:

Phoebe Mora-blanco!

Phoebe passed her driving test, with Elite Instructor John! John really enjoyed teaching Phoebe to drive – and just in time for University!

We want to wish Phoebe all the best for the future!

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