New Year’s Resolution: Learn to Drive

With December just around the corner and the New Year following that, it might be about time we think about our resolutions.

This year, instead of picking one you’re likely to forget or break, we have a suggestion for you, only if you haven’t learnt yet: learning to drive!

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Learning to drive comes with an endless list of benefits, of course, you will have your own freedom and the ease of getting from A to B.

For more information about driving, check out our FAQ!

App released by AA to help drivers understand dashboard warning lights

AA has released an app that aids motorists decipher dashboard warning lights, following researching showing 1 in 8 drivers do not have a manual in their vehicle.

Drivers have been advised to use the helpful app that has been released by the AA. They disclosed that they receive approximately 17,000 calls about warning lights per month.

This actually peaked in the week succeeding the launch of new reg plates on the 1st of March and September each year, thus leading to a boost in the used car market.

Max Holdstock, AA mechanic, spoke about the app release: “We often find that used cars don’t have a handbook and even if there is one, many drivers never look at it. The AA app is a quicker and smarter way for drivers to check what their warning lights mean.

Although most warning light symbols are standardised, many are not, and with some car dashboards resembling the Starship Enterprise, it’s no wonder that some drivers are left bewildered.

AA commissioned a poll of 21,000 of its members and found that 13% either hadn’t gotten their car handbook when they bought their vehicle, or didn’t keep the book in their car.

The survey continued to find that 4% of drivers would carry on driving regardless of the appearance of a red warning light. The AA has urged motorists to stop in a safe place as soon as they can if a red warning light appears.

The motoring groups’ warning light feature is available for access on the app by the organisation’s 14 million members.

Do you keep your car handbook in your vehicle?

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Driving: FAQ

Driving instructors will hear the same questions being asked when prospective learners are enquiring about driving.

Below we’ve listed the frequently asked questions we hear and provided answers to help shed some light.

What age can I start learning to drive at?

To begin driving lessons and obtain a licence, you must be 17 years of age. However, there are some driving instructors that offer lessons to be taught on private land, in this case, learners can begin at a younger age.

I’m 17, what do I need so I can learn to drive?

Prior to driving, you will need to apply for your provisional driving licence – at this present moment in time, a provisional costs £50 and can be applied for in two ways:

  1. Online

The fastest and simplest way to apply for a provisional is to apply online; you can visit the direct gov website and you can apply if you are eligible to the following:

– a resident in Great Britain
– are no younger than 3 months prior to your seventeenth birthday
– can meet the minimum eyesight requirement
– are currently not prevented from driving due to a conviction or health
– can pay £50.00 by MasterCard, Visa, Electron or Delta debit or credit card
– own a valid form of identification e.g. British passport
– are able to provide evidence of residence for the past 3 years

  1. Post Office

Provisional driving licences are obtainable from most Post Offices when an application from D1 and a photo card application form D750 should be completed, and sent up to 3 months before your 17th birthday to the following address:

DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AD

After you have received your licence by post, you can then begin your driving lessons!

When am I able to take my theory test?

You are able to take your theory test once you receive your provisional licence and are 17 years of age.

To book a theory test you will need:

– your Great Britain or Northern Ireland provisional driving licence number
– your debit or credit card
– a valid email address in order to receive a confirmation email that will contain your booking details

The two ways to book a theory test are:

Online – The easiest way is book online here.

By phone – You can call the DSA on 0300 200 1122, welsh language 0300 200 1133 or text 0300 200 1166, these lines are open weekdays from 8am to 4pm

When can I book my driving test?

You will be able to book your driving test once you have received your provisional driving licence and have passed your theory test.

To book a driving test:

In order to successfully book your driving test, you will need:

– a valid Great Britain or Northern Ireland provisional licence number
– a debit or credit card
– if applicable, a theory test pass date and certificate number

Booking by phone – Call the DSA on 0300 200 1122, welsh language 0300 200 1133 or text 0300 200 1166.

Online – One of the quickest ways to book your driving test is online, here.

Check driving test date

This can easily be done online if you have the following data:

– your valid Great Britain or Northern Ireland provisional driving licence number
– you application reference number
– your theory test pass certificate number

Check online –

Cancel/reschedule online – the same data, as listed above will be mentioned when cancelling or rescheduling your driving test, you can do that here.

We hope any of the questions you may have had about driving have been answered above!
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