Bailey’s dream of driving his own car…

Well driving his own car has become a reality for Bailey Dennett after passing his driving test at his FIRST attempt!

Bailey Dennett said "I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons"

Congratulations Bailey

Bailey took his driving lessons with driving instructor Matt Howard.

Matt was really impressed with the speed at which Bailey progressed with his driving, and the dedication he put into learning.

Matt said, Bailey got really involved in his lessons, he asked lots of questions and work out situations for himself.

He’s been a great student to help and he has a fantastic attitude when it comes to driving safely.

Bailey absolutely deserves to have passed on his first attempt, and I’m chuffed to be able to share in his success.

Bailey said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Elite Driving School, my instructor, Matt was an absolutely great guy and I really  enjoyed every lesson I had with him, he provided me with all the support I could have needed for my first time pass and I’m absolutely over the moon with my result! I would recommend Elite Driving School to anyone out there hoping for a first time pass” 😀👍🎉🚘

I’m sure Bailey’s life is going to change massively now he’s able to dive for himself. He can drive for work, maybe even get a promotion.

He can get away for weekends with his mates, because the world has just become that little bit smaller for Bailey.

And, there’s no other better feeling than buying your First car, and it doesn’t really matter what it is, because it’s yours!