The Quote

Grandpa Pabbie

The Quote

As we head into Spring with the hope of good weather, it might be nice to reflect on where you are in your journey of learning to drive and how far you’ve already come.

Of course you might not have actually got started yet, but can’t wait for the day you can.

But for those who are already on their journey you might be looking ahead and dreaming of the possibilities when you’ve passed your test.

Of course you may be thinking right now “But I’m no further ahead than I was last month…..” or even worse: “But I’ve gone backwards……!”

Well if that’s the case, I have hope for you. As Grandpa Pabbie says in the Disney blockbuster FROZEN:

“The heart is not so easily changed, but the head can be persuaded.”

I’m assuming your heart is in the right place (you want to drive right, so why wouldn’t it be). So the head is where the work will need to be done to give you the shift you need to get you to test standard. In fact it’s absolutely key to making the right decisions you need to become a safe driver.

Think about it this way. If there was a simple formula, we wouldn’t need driving instructors.

So success in driving is all about getting the right mindset and the right instructor to help you succeed.

And we can help you with the later…….

“To your success.”