The Trouble with Driving Lessons

The Trouble with booking driving lessons

The Trouble with Driving Lessons

The Trouble with booking driving lessons is that people can’t get the times and days that they want. The fact is people are are having to wait quite a few weeks before starting driving lessons. This is partly due to the high demand for driving lessons and the dwindling number of driving instructors.

When booking driving lessons if the driving school or the instructor you are talking to are able to find a space, ask them if that is going to be a regular lesson every week. Quite often they will book you in for lessons that are only temporary spaces which means that you will end up back at the start.

I’ve heard people say any lessons are better than no lessons but that can lead to the learn and forget scenario, because leaving big gaps between lessons results in the student forgetting what was learnt, and this can be quite a costly exercise.

So get them to commit to giving you at least one regular lesson every week.

It’s a bad time for learner drivers who are wanting to book and start lessons immediately. But I feel especially sorry for those people who are available for driving lessons after 4pm or weekends, because of work commitment.

It’s also a bad time for driving schools. It’s soul destroying when they know that every phone call answered is going to result in another disappointed customer. As hard as we try it’s impossible to fit people into spaces that just don’t exist.

It can be very frustrating for people calling one driving school after another, for either lessons for themselves or a family member, and not getting anywhere. They just can’t understand why they can’t start learning this week.

We understand their frustration, but unfortunately when an instructor’s diary is full, they will generally be full for weeks in advance because they will have the same people booked in until they pass their driving test.

Our advice:

Don’t aimlessly ring around without leaving your details. Get your name on a every list you can, because it might just be a short time before someone can fit you in for driving lessons.

While you are waiting book a theory test date and start practising, we recommend using study material from the DVSA or Theory Test Pro.

One last word of advice:

Try to find a regular space each week that you can take driving lessons, so when you find someone that can take you for those lessons ask them to commit to booking you in for the same space for 5/6 weeks in advance.