Register to train to become a driving instructor with the DVSA

Register to train to become a driving instructor with the DVSA


Once you have received your criminal record reference number, the next step is to register to train to become a driving instructor with the DVSA (Driving Vehicles Standard Agency).

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You will require your Criminal record reference which can be found at the top right of your letter.

First you will be asked to accept the user declaration, and then you should select the drop down option for ADI (Approved Driving Instructor). Next you’ll be asked for a user name and password (these are your own choice of details) which you can use every time you come back to the register to update or change your details, so keep them somewhere safe.

You will be asked for your personal details required by the DVSA. The form takes about 10 minutes to complete, but before logging out, please make sure to check that you have entered your information correctly.

After submitting your details, again expect a short wait of a week or so for a letter of registration approval to arrive from the DVSA.

You’re now ready to start the qualifying process, and I would recommend getting the ball rolling and pre-book your part one theory test.

You can choose a date from the many available. I would suggest giving yourself a six week goal to read the study material and prepare for the test.

If you’ve done as I suggested in the first post, and started to study while waiting for your criminal reference number, you might only need a few weeks to be ready to take the theory test.

A word of warning, don’t think of this as study to pass a test. You are learning and gaining the knowledge you’ll require to become a driving instructor. The more you know the better the instructor you’ll be, so it’s  important to do your research, and ask questions if you don’t understand something.

We recently asked two people to take a 20 question theory test. One person had done some online theory practice tests, and the other we asked to read the highway code.


Highway code


The person who used the online method got a score of 12 out of 20. The person who read the highway code scored 19 out of 20, and interestingly would have got 20 if he had read the question properly.

I came across a study a few years ago about how we approach learning, and they suggest you should embark upon study with the willingness to learn. You can’t become an expert without knowledge.

PDI’s (potential driving instructors) who skip reading the recommended books, and opt for the easier option of practicing online mock theory questions are less likely to pass the part one, and consequently end up struggling when they reach the final stage of the training.

Please note:  When studying the recommended books, you might find yourself reading words you don’t understand, so before moving forward find out the meaning of the words. Try using Google for help.

In the next blog I’ll show you methods to help your study progress smoothly, and i’ll also share tips to hep you get more done in less time.