What Is The Best Way To Learn To Drive?

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The Best Way To Learn To Drive

The best way to learn to drive is to book two to three regular weekly lessons and the ideal driving lesson time should be 90 minutes.

To get you started ask for recommendations, read reviews and make sure you book lessons with a credible instructor.

From the very start book your Theory Test in advance and practice each day for 30-60 minutes. Knowledge is important to help you learn quickly.

Make sure that you use recommended study material from either the DVSA or Theory Test pro.

Ask questions from your instructor if you don’t understand something you’re being taught or if you feel you’re not getting the results you expect.

Once you’ve passed your Theory Test prebook your driving test in advance but before you do make sure you talk to your instructor about a suitable date and get them to make you responsible for achieving the goal.

Before each lesson read any notes that your instructor has given you, be on time for lessons and be reliable. Missing lessons will hinder your progress.

Ask your instructor for permission to email any questions you have in between lessons so they can be answered before your next lesson.

If you can get extra practice ask your instructor to talk to the person giving you the practice and advise them on what they should focus on to help your progress.

If you can’t get extra practice – every time you’re a passenger in a car start by watching out for hazards and dangers in the road ahead, above all immerse yourself in a safe driver culture and make sure you regularly study the Highway Code.