Who is Demanding Your Attention?

Who is demanding your attention?


What can be so important that they are asking you to commit suicide?

Despite the new tougher penalties that were brought into effect on 1st March, figures show that more than 200 drivers a day were caught using mobile phones at the wheel within those first four weeks.

Let me repeat that: 200 drivers a DAY were caught using their mobiles…

Just a few seconds distracted could have severe consequences for you or an innocent bystander.


Turn off your mobile phone when getting into your car or shield it, you can buy a signal blocker that only costs a few pounds, it’s a phone pouch made from soft, hard wearing material that you place your mobile phone into and it blocks all signals taking away all driving distractions, whilst your mobile phone is protected from scratches or damage.

As soon as you remove your phone from the pouch all the missed calls and message notifications will appear on your screen and you can then deal with them when you are parked up and safe to do so.

The next call or text you take whilst at the wheel could be killing you or someone that you know.

Can you live with that thought?


Turn off your mobile, and stay safe


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