You’ve Passed Your Test, Now What?

Congratulations on passing your test and gaining a full licence!

You can now enjoy your new found freedom but you must remember that passing your driving test doesn’t necessarily mean you know everything, it is just your first step at becoming a skilled driver.

You will learn whilst driving and better improve your skills.

Staying safe on the road in your first year should be your priority and GOV.UK have a safety code that should be followed if you are a new driver. This is specifically designed to keep you safe on the roads in the first year of driving after passing your test.

Driving on the motorway

You will have learned to drive on the motorway with a passenger, however, you will not have conquered the motorway alone.

You may want to ask your driving instructor for a motorway driving lesson so you can gain a little more experience before going out alone.


It’s inevitable you will be exposed to the elements and drive in conditions you might not have practiced in, but you must remember to take care when driving in unfamiliar weather conditions.

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